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    Hey there! I'm Amanda and I'll be your co-pilot today. Along with my handy husband, Ben, we're remodeling our second house. We're avid DIY-ers, tackling large and small projects while raising two rambunctious boys. Thanks for following along on this wild journey!
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    @houseupdated asked #widn Well, I just tucked the kids in bed, actually one in bed, the other on the floor to test out the 'new soft rug'. Enjoying a nice spring evening eating apple crisp and watching the season 7 premiere of Sons of Anarchy. @deucecitieshenhouse @simplestylingsblog @housesevenblog The boys' bedroom just got a big dose of softness with a new 100% wool rug from @fab Laying it out, under both beds took some doing, but they came in right after and rolled on it like dogs on grass. I'm guessing they like it as much as I do. When life (two young boys) gives you lemons (or Legos) make lemonade (and use the toys as coffee table decor). A silver plated bowl might just be the eat solution to the ever growing mini figure collection.

Mini Me Tree Gall-ery

How about a little rhyme this afternoon?  Or a little art?  Today, I’ve got both.  And a cold.  One is more fun and interesting than the other; I’ll let you guess.

Back in December, I made silhouettes of the boys (mini me) on wood slices (tree) leftover from our Thanksgiving table setting.  Originally, I planned for these to be ornaments.  Instead I decided to keep them up year-round as mini art in my collection (gall-ery).

Silhouettes on Wood Slices in Mini Gallery

One slice has started cracking, but I’m keepin’ it until it breaks entirely.  And then I’ll make a new one.  All because these make me smile.  Especially my little Peter Pan look-alike.

Silhouettes on Wood Slices

No framing necessary, just a pop tab, small screw, and a piece of felt pad to help it hang evenly.

Silhouettes on Wood Slices Back

I’m still curating the collection and hoping to add more color soon.  Now, I’m going to the tv to see what episodes of New Girl I need to catch up on.

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  1. Those silhouettes are gorg! I can’t wait to try them. I’m always looking for round wall display items.

  2. Nicole

     /  January 8, 2013

    These are just so precious! I liked the other silhouettes you’ve done but I really love the texture of the wood on these! So cute! And the pop tab as a hanger is genius! I’m totally copying you!

    • Hi Nicole!

      Aww, thanks! I totally agree about the texture of the wood. Both the rings and the bark. Please do copy it! And share pics if you remember. :)


  3. These are sweet! I might have to do this for my daughter’s room…ohh or maybe my living room! Love that it’s on a log piece.

    • Hi Kristi!

      Thanks! I think it makes a simple silhouette less cutesy and more artsy. :) If you make one, please send pictures over. :)



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