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    Ben called me out to look at his OCD display. Took 8 years (to show a shred of OCD) but look at this drawer side display! It's gutter day! Fun to watch the process of seamless gutters being made. Went kitchen countertop shopping and came home with 6 remnants of soap stone. 3 of which are perfectly usable for the kitchen areas. Agreed to take it all for $100. Twist my arm why dontcha.

Place Mats, Everybody

I realize the place mat turned pillow cover concept is nothing new.  Because place mats are perfect and almost ready for stuffing.  So, here’s my version involving a clearance pillow cover, nail scissors, Velcro  embroidery floss, and an old down alternative bed pillow.  I like to use a small pair of scissors to cut along the bottom seam, making an opening for the insert.

Place Mat Pillow and Cover Tutorial Supplies

As luck would have it, I had a down alternative pillow in the closet (I think it came with our duvet insert).  Even luckier, when cut in half, the dimensions perfectly fit my place mat.

Place Mat Pillow and Cover Tutorial Insert

With my pillow cut in half, I sewed the open ends to create two 18 by 13 inch inserts.  Whenever I make a pillow, I like to have an opening to remove the insert for easy washing and storing of the covers.  The easiest way to do this with a place mat is with the help of Velcro   Hand stitch on the inside, if possible along the existing stitching.

Place Mat Pillow and Cover Tutorial Open Velcro

Close it up and the Velcro is barely noticeable.

Place Mat Pillow and Cover Tutorial Closed Velcro

Especially along the bottom of the pillow.

Place Mat Pillow and Cover Tutorial on Bed

The little border and metallic gold feather are my favorite parts.  And all for $1.99 because I had the rest of the supplies in my stash.

Place Mat Pillow and Cover Tutorial Detail

When I want a change, I can pull out the insert, store the cover and make something new.

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  1. Angel

     /  February 8, 2013


  2. Kel

     /  February 8, 2013

    omgosh this makes me really wish i could sew. I have the “original” pillows that came with my couch and I would love to have a removable cover that I could wash. Especially since my dog sleeps on them. Girl you could sell these on etsy and make a killing

    • Hey Kel!

      This was super simple, minimal hand stitching. No machine required if you already have an insert. With dogs especially it’s nice to have to washable covers.


    • Kel, I for one, do sell pillow covers on Etsy. Check out my shop, but by no means stop there. There are thousands selling pillow covers on Etsy. I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

      • Hey Teresa!

        Yep, Etsy is a fantastic source! So many choices and the option to talk to the seller directly to ask questions or make custom requests. :)


  3. Andrea

     /  February 11, 2013

    Where is the place mat from? I love the feather!


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