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Mini Dresser Pretties

I admit, I totally teased you yesterday about the mini dresser.  But, I hadn’t gotten pictures of it until later yesterday afternoon.  So, here it is, finished and ready to use.  Boom, in yo’ face.


Maybe finished.  See those pale legs?  Even after two coats of stain like everything else.  The different woods took the stain their own way. Thin veneer sides are slightly less red toned than the fronts.  Luckily it’s not noticeable in the small guest room.  But I might get a different, darker stain to try on the legs, just to see how it goes.  I haven’t coated those in poly for that reason.


Notice the blue between the drawers?  I did that to match the laminate top I painted.  And the top of the drawers to cover the plywood edges.  We’ve had a Carrara marble remnant in the garage that I considered using as the top.  Not sure the skinny legs could handle that much weight.  And I didn’t want to ask Ben to cut it.  I’m still hoping we can use it for a coffee table someday.


Taping the wood edges gave me a crisp straight line so only the top got paint.


For a little more fun, I painted the outer sides of the drawers blue, too.  (Mysterious from Benjamin Moore, color matched to a sample can of Glidden Duo)


I’m calling this make over a success.  What is better than simple lines, dark wood, and navy blue?


That ends the mini dresser love fest.  What do you think of the changes?

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  1. I love it. You find the best stuff at thrift stores!
    Mine all have crap.

    • Hi Heather!

      Thanks for your compliments! Our stores usually don’t have a lot of good furniture, so this was a lucky find. One I’ve been waiting for for months, so don’t worry. Keep your eye out and you just might find something. :)


  2. This really turned out beautifully! Would you consider painting the legs in that pretty blue? Or in gold maybe? I love how you painted the tops & sides of the drawers too- I’ve got a dresser project on the back burner and this gives me some great inspiration!

    • Hi Laura!

      I thought about painting the legs blue, but didn’t know what I thought of the color placement. I think I’ll give it a try though. If I don’t like it, I can sand it off and do something else. :)


  3. Love it!! The wood on the little beauty is gorgeous!

  4. I love how the dresser turned out! I painted a really similar thrift store dresser last year, and this makes me wish that I was brave enough to try staining it. I guess I’ll have to keep my eye out for another dresser to refinish down the road!

    • Hi Kathleen!

      Thanks so much! I’d suggest restaining if you’ve got a piece with nice but damaged wood. It’s not too hard (I’d suggest sanding and skip a stripper entirely).


  5. Paint the legs in blue too? Might work!

    • Hi Rebecca!

      I thought about it and think I’m going to try it. If I hate it, I can sand the legs and do something else. :)


  6. Janet S.

     /  February 28, 2013

    Just gorgeous! The blue is the perfect accent while not overpowering the design of the piece.
    I will also vote for blue legs.

    • Hey Janet!

      Thanks! I love the accents, too. I’m going to try blue on the legs. IF I don’t like it, I can always change it. :)


  7. Lauren

     /  February 28, 2013

    Are the drawers done in a gradient or is that just how they photographed? They appear to go light to dark which I love.

    • Hi Lauren!

      That’s just how they photographed, but that would have been really cool. I think the veneer can only absorb so much stain, and this is the darkest I could get any of the wood, legs included. :)


  8. Cute! This piece has great lines! Love the mix of wood with the grey/blue too- so pretty.

  9. Beautiful makeover! I love it!

  10. That’s an awesome dresser! That is all.

  11. Laura

     /  March 18, 2014

    I actually have a night stand that matched this! I got it off of craigslist and sanded it down, cut the legs off, painted it a light blue and used old maps for the front of the drawers! This looks really nice!


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