Projects & Tutorials

We’ve set up a handy guide of the little and big projects we’ve tackled on this blog.  If you need inspiration, or you’re looking for answers, this page is right up your alley.  Just click on the text link to see the full post.

Pattern a Rug with Paint          .          Coffee Filter Cloud Light

Five Tips to Decorate a Bookshelf            .          Themed Gallery Wall

His and Hers Home State Art          .          Paint Stick Sun Burst Mirror

Thread House Numbers          .          A DIY Remodeled Kitchen

 Artfully Arrange a Bookshelf          .          Add Color with Curtains

Personalize Your Home          .          Quick Gallery Wall Tip

Wood Veneer Pendant          .          Asymmetrical Gallery Arrangements

Cover an Ugly Lampshade           .          Ombre Dye a Shower Curtain

Plan a Kitchen Remodel         .          Make Changes Along the Way

Weigh Counter Top Options          .          Tips for a Gallery Wall

Plan a Furniture Arrangement          .          Jewel Tones for Fall


Choosing Paint Colors          .          Change the a Room with Paint

Spice Up a Bathroom Mirror          .          Paint Shelves a Poppy Color

Painting Detailed Doors       .          Favorite Painting Supplies

Add Stripes to Curtain Panels          .         Stencil a Pattern on a Pillow

How to Paint Interior Doors          .          Spray Painted Bottles


Gray Painted Doors          .          Paint Shelf Fronts Bright Colors


Pair White Trim with Warm Yellow Walls          .          Dark Stain a Deck


Brighten a Room with Paint


Better Lighting Options         .          Hard Wire a Plug in Fixture

Add Task and Accent Lighting          .          Install a Central Vacuum

Cheap and Easy Crown Molding          .          Stain a Fence

Replace Old Hardware          .          Add Lighting in Crown Molding

Swap Old Fixtures for New Ones          .          Pinwheel Tile Pattern

Install Laminate Counter Tops          .          Replace a Leaky Faucet

Add Toe Kick Lighting to Cabinetry          .          Install Hardwood Floors

Install a Vent Hood          .          Cut, Fill & Install Wood Counters

Choosing the Right Dishwasher          .          Add Insulation to an Attic

Grout Tile Back Splash          .          Install a Marble Tile Back Splash

Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets          .          Glass Door Fronts

Hang New Cabinet Doors          .          Cut Stone Counter Tops

Lay Porcelain Tile on a Floor         .          Whole House Fan

Install Pendants Over a Vanity          .          Tear Old Shakes Off a Roof

Install New Windows          .          Bookshelf Bed Nook


Build a Dining Table          .          Connected Squares Trim Tutorial

Bead Board in a Bathroom          .          Plate Rack in a Dining Room

Install Board and Batten Trim          .          Grid Trim in a Bedroom

Refinish a Bookshelf          .          Refinish & Reupholster an Old Bench

Tear Out Old Tile          .          Knock Down a Wall to Open Rooms Up

Rip Out Old Soffits          .          Build New Drawer Fronts

More Usable Cabinet Space          .          Build & Stain a New Fence

Refinish Old Stairs         .          Choose Crown Molding

Fix a Broken Couch          .          Install a Load Bearing Beam

Add a Sky Tube          .          Reshingle a Roof

Build a Floating Shelf          .          Frame Out a Fireplace


Cover a Rock Fireplace         .          Finish a Fireplace Cover


Lamp Shade Turned Pendant          .          Refresh Old Furniture


Refinish and Upholster Chairs for a New Look


Scrape off a Popcorn Ceiling and get Prepped for Paint


Two Tone Dresser Revamp          .          Easy Wood Canvas Frames


Build Pine Beds          .          Cut a Round Table Top


 Make a Bird Baby Mobile          .          An Easy Magnet Board

Update Old Brass          .          Cute Alphabet Magnets

Polymer Clay Wall Flowers          .          Paint Mugs

Wood Veneer Edging Pendant          .          Woven Wood Pendant

Create a Bird Cage Pendant          .         Card Stock Floral Pendant

Turn an Old Book into A Safe          .          Polish Brass Plate

Make a Mood Board          .          Cover a Mouse Pad


Custom Wooden Hooks          .          Text Bubble Pillows


Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game          .          Book Turned Game Board


Initial Bottle Labels          .          Wood Veneer Wrapped Planter


Golden Wish Bone          .          Herringbone Table Top


PVC Pipe Light Fixture


Customize Frames and Art          .          Make Your Own Paper Art

Spray Paint Old Frames          .          Take a Cue from Nature

Cut Pages from Magazines          .          Old Log Turned Sculpture

Frame Origami Creations          .          Silhouette Family Members

Family Tree Art          .          Pin Prick Art

Interactive Map Art          .          Cut Out Map of Your Favorite City

Anniversary Art          .          Let Your Kids Paint a Canvas

Cut Kids Paintings for Chic Art          .          Remember Your Travels

Make Sand Molds to Frame in Shadow Boxes

Quirky Bathroom Art          .          Cheap Prints on Foam

Squished Penny Art          .          Constellation Art


Venn Diagram Art          .          Wood Slice Silhouettes


Mini Shell Shadowbox          .          Number Paintings


Embroidered Constellation Art          .          Favorite Book Turned Art


Gold String Plus Art          .          Fall Themed Art


Plant Fruit Trees          .           Changing Garden Plans

Reclaimed Beams for Decking          .          Add a Bocce Court


Beam Turned Steps          .          Build an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit


DIY Hidden Pond Waterfall


Natural Aphid Control          .          Paint Your Front Door

Prepare for Guests          .          Keep Kid Clutter Out of Sight

Maximize Closet Space          .          Storing Toys

Store Toiletries in Sight          .          Add a Second Closet Rod

Sorting & Storing Office Supplies          .          Storage Ottomans

Purge Clothes          .          Check the Kitchen Cabinets

Host a Yard Sale          .          Sort Magazines by Month

Paint Soap Pumps          .          Fold a Fitted Sheet

Cover a Cardboard Box          .          Storing Toiletries


Washi Tape Labels          .        File Drawer for Bathroom Storage


Lidded Storage Boxes          .          Leather Cord Cuff


 Easy Greens for Your House          .          Perpetual Calendar

Chemical Free Cleaning          .          Eco Friendly Laundry

Simple Envelop Closure Pillow          .          Fall Felt Leaf Bowls

Felt Circle Pillow          .          Make Cloth Napkins

Herringbone Pattern Pillow          .         Dyed Drop Cloth Curtains

Zippered Cosmetic Bag          .          X Pillow

Place Mat Pillow Cover          .          Hexagon Patchwork Pillow


Stenciled Coronata Star Curtain          .          Patched Rectangle Quilt


Throw a Festive Baby Shower          .          Scallop Paper Party Banner

Plan a Rainbow Party          .          Rainbow Party Details

Handmade Hostess Gifts          .          Balloon Animal Invitations

Balloon Animal Party Details          .          Balloon Animal Toppers

Dog Party Invites          .          Dog Party Details

Ginger Cookies          .          Carrot Soup

Valentine’s Day:

Wax Paper Heart Garland          .           Folded Cards


Stump Turned Side Table          .          Paint a Dead Branch

Nutty Table Settings          .          Feather Wreath

Creative Costumes          .          Pumpkins and Costumes


Gold Table Settings          .          Pinecone Wreath

Turkey Place Cards          .          Boat Place Cards


Decorate the Tree          .          Origami Ornaments

Silhouette Ornaments          .          Clothespin Deer Ornaments

Ball Ornament Wreath          .          Glass Ball Ornaments with Feathers

Clay Critter Ornaments          .          Owl and Tree Mantle Decorations

Snowflake and Berry Ornaments

Valentines Day Printables          .          Valentine’s Folding Cards

Love Stump 8 by 10 Print          .          All You Need is Love

Venn Diagram


 Spring Flowers          .          Hoppy Easter



 Christmas Gift Tags          .          Nature Themed Holiday Tags

Glitter Cards


Herringbone Bookplates          .          Moving Announcements

Firework Print          .           BBQ Invitation


13 thoughts on “Projects & Tutorials

  1. I enjoy your blog. I am search to find out how to print off your own transfers. Was it your blog I saw this on a while back?

    1. Hi Linda,

      Um, I can’t think of a print transfer tutorial I’ve done. I’m guessing you’re referring to something like a t-shirt or something? Maybe check Pinterest…


  2. Another follower from YHL. I’d love to love your blog, if only I could see the projects! For some reason, each one I click on comes up “Page Not Found,” so I’m letting you know, as instructed. If it makes a difference, I’m using Safari.

    1. Hi Susie!

      Thanks for stopping by! I just checked several links and they’re all working for me. Maybe Safari is having a problem? If you’ve got another browser, can you try it out? If that still doesn’t work, please let me know!


  3. Hi Heather!

    I’m trying to diagnose the problem, but the links are working for me. Could you try the links, starting at the top? Then could you tell me the first like to give you that? Sorry to pass this task to you, but I want to get it figured out. 🙂


  4. I’ve noticed a similar problem, where if I click the link directly, I get the error saying page not found, but if I try to open it in a new tab, It works as its supposed to.

  5. It starts with the home improvement section. The links look right when you hover but perhaps it has something to do with how the links open in another tab?

  6. Actually, sorry, it looks more random than that… ‘Grey painted doors’ works but ‘spice up a bathroom mirror’ doesn’t… So it does not seem like it starts after 1 post but just some work and others do not. Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Amanda, I love your home! Can you tell me the colors you used on the outside of your home? I was looking all around your page and didn’t see anything.

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