Be Our Guest!

The second project we tackled was our guest bedroom.  Ben actually did this when he was on crutches after his ACL surgery.  He got quite stir crazy.  He actually carried cut trim pieces in from the garage in his mouth.  He said he didn’t want to bother me to carry everything.  Cute, but crazy of him! 

We loved our honeymoon in Savannah, Georgia and wanted to bring a little of that into our home, so we added, you guessed it, white trim.  Ben also scored the amazing oak headboard from the side of the road!  Well, not quite, someone at the apartment complex was going to put it by the road, but Ben snagged it before he could get it there.  Gotta love FREE stuff! 

After Ben installed the trim, everything got a coat of white paint.  Then we painted the upper  Restoration Hardware’s Sea Green (color matched at Home Depot).  This is my absolute FAVORITE color because it changes in different lights.  Sometimes it looks green, other times it’s more blue, but always warm, inviting and amazing.  I really love the contrast between the white and blue, too.  The headboard also adds some much-needed warmth with the rich, dark wood. 

The picture above the bed is a photo I took in Savannah of Forsyth Park’s fountain.  I love the intricate frame from my great grandma.  I also refinished the chair, which is also from my great grandma.  Ben built the nightstand for me as a mother’s day gift.  As with all the other rooms in our house, the guest room has slowly evolved. 

We also like to add personal items to each room.  The shells in the apothecary jar and in the frame at the far right are from our vacations.  I also hand embroidered the butterfly pillows. 

So, there you have the phases (so far) of our guest room.


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