How To: Artfully Arrange a Bookshelf

Arranging a beautiful bookshelf seems like a simple task.  Really, it can be difficult if you’re a perfectionist and organizer like I am.  I would LOVE to organize my books so they are just pretty, like by color.  But, the logical side of me says, “Amanda, that is SO impractical.  You NEED to organize by subject.”  Yes, I am a tad OCD. 

Just before our second son, Ev, was born, we worked to finish our basement.  What was I doing the day before Ev was born?  Not packing for the hospital, but putting together my new office!  FINALLY, after a year in the making, I had an office.  I quickly threw my books on to the shelves.  They looked okay, but they weren’t organized. 

I needed a way to make them look good and be easy to find.  So, here’s is the how-to for my newly designed system. 

1.  I took everything off the shelves.

2.  I separated all of my books into different categories: Fiction, Classic Fiction, History, Science, Travel, Biography, True Crime (guilty pleasure), magazines,  encyclopedias and random (books that don’t easily fit into my categories).  

3.  After grouping, I arranged the books in rainbow order.  Red through purple first, then white, grey, black and brown.   A group of red books is the beginning of a new group.    Not exactly a science, but it works for me. 

4.  I placed the books on the shelves where they fit best.  Then I filled in with accessories based on open spaces. 

I have most books vertical, but put some horizontal and one showing its beautiful cover.  (Thanks, Ash!)  I had some open shelf space, so I put some empty magazine files in so I have room to grow.  You’ll notice I also have storage boxes  to hold some of my stationery shop, Customized Stationary,  supplies.

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