Closet Case

Our humble abode is definitely an efficient use of space.  We have few wasted spaces due to the floor plan, but we’ve added some details to make the limited closet space more functional.

Ben built shoe/storage cubes for the entryway, guest bedroom and boys bedroom.

The entry closet is small at 3.5 feet wide.  By adding three levels of cubes, we have tripled our shoe storage.  We’ve added hooks to hang purses and leashes on and storage bins for hats, gloves and smaller items.

Here a peek at the guest bedroom closet:

We try to keep that closet pretty empty.  We tend to have a lot of guests and we like to give them some space.

Our toughest storage solution was for the boys closet.

The cubes are the perfect size for cheap covered storage containers from Wal-Mart.  We keep diapers in 4 of the containers (we buy diapers at Costco).  Extra bedding, wipes, socks and pajamas are also stored on this side of the closet.  We use a laundry bag which hangs to save space.

Here’s a shot of the other side of the shared closet:

The cubes hold Ev’s extra blankets, burp cloths and sheets.  I hang the boys’ clothes because it would take waaaay to long to fold everything.  I’m too OCD to throw it in a drawer.  You’ll also notice larger storage bins on the top shelf.  We store large clothes for each boy in those, so we have it handy to switch out.

Our closet was one of the easiest storage solutions we created.  Our bed, built by Ben, has drawers on each side at the foot of the bed and two large compartments with false drawer fronts on each side.  We keep out of season clothes, jackets, and boots in the compartments, while storing every day items like socks, underwear, pajamas and such in the drawers.

Here’s Ben’s side of our closet.

When we remodeled out master bedroom, we changed up the closet shelving.  We removed the old single shelf and moved it up to about 1 foot from the ceiling.  The same closet rod is below.  We added a shelf about half way down the closet.  Because our closets have sliding doors, we made one side shelving.  Most of my shirts are stored here.

My side looks a little bare…

We added another closet rod to under the middle shelf.  Because we don’t have anything on that rod, we keep a laundry basket in my side on the floor.

We’re lucky to have a closet to hold our vacuüm, cleaning supplies, toolbox, and lightbulbs.

The linen closet at the end of our hall holds all of our extra towels, bedding, and even our suitcases.

We also have a gigantic pantry.  LOVE IT!!

We’re still working on the basement closets, but I promise to show those when they’re done.

One thought on “Closet Case

  1. Thanks for the reply! I actually got an idea not long after I posted, and got started on it immediately since our friend was letting us borrow his miter and circular saw for the weekend. We ended up building shelves that are tiered along our deepest wall (10 inches) because we didn’t have wood on hand to build shelves/”cubbies” at the end of the closet like we had pictured. The bottom shelf is about 8ft long, next about 6ft, next 4ft and the top one 2ft. We plan to put DVDs, extra placemats, vases, candles, etc. on these shelves, and store suitcases/other random bags at the end of the closet.

    Here’s some pictures!

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