How To: Make a Bird Mobile

When I was pregnant, I found this tutorial on how to make a paper bird mobile.  I decided to make a little mobile to hang above our son’s crib.

I made some changes along the way, so here is the step-by-step on how to create this mobile:

1.  Print the template on plain cardstock or printer paper.  I prefer to lightly trace the template on my colored cardstock, giving me the option to erase my lines after the pieces are cut.  Cut out one set of the template. 

2.  Lightly trace the pieces on the cardstock colors of choice.  For this mobile, I made three sets of each bird using two different colors of green, chocolate-brown and white cardstock.  Be sure to mark the wing slit and hanging hole.  Cut out your cardstock pieces and erase your lines. 

3.  Place your template over a cut out bird body.  Use a cutting board and push-pin to poke a hole to thread your string through.  Use an exacto knife to make a slit for the wing to go through.  Do not make a box, as shown on the template.

4.  Slide the wing through the body and fold up slightly. 

5.  Add a very thin line of Elmer’s glue to each side of the tail on the main body.  Slide the cut tail onto the body.  Gently squeeze the tail and set it aside to let it dry.  After the tail has dried, thread a string through the hole.  Tie a few knots on one side and cut the extra off, leaving one to two feet on the other side.  The length of the string should vary and will depend on the final hanging height. 

6.  Buy or cut a tree branch to hang the birds from.  I prefer a branch with two or three small branches creating a V or W from one main branch. 

7.  Tie one piece of fishing line on each end of your branch.  If you have a V branch, you will have three pieces.  Make the pieces longer than you’ll need, allowing plenty of excess to tie a knot.  Tie all pieces together at the desired height from the ceiling.

8.  Tie each bird onto the branch, varying the height .  Make sure each bird is secured on the branch.  Once all birds are tied on, you’re ready to hang your completed mobile.  Screw a hook into the ceiling, hang the mobile, stand back and admire!


4 thoughts on “How To: Make a Bird Mobile

  1. This is so cute! I am throwing a baby shower for a good friend and she is planning to decorate her baby’s nursery with birds. I think I’ll have to make one of these for the shower!

  2. Hi! The original site that you linked to is no longer published. Is there any chance that you have the template available for download?

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