Dining Table Update

You may recall that we’ve recently built a new dining table.   

After using it for a few weeks, I’m happy to report that it is still as fantastic as I hoped it would be.  Most visitors don’t believe it was a DIY project, either.  Score! 

We were a little hesitant to get a marble top because marble can stain easily, but we haven’t had any problems so far.  We actually poured a little grape juice on the sample and let it sit for a good 20 minutes.  Then we wiped it off and we couldn’t see a stain or any sort of discoloration.  A few coats of a nice quality wax will help prevent stains, too.

Our son also loves his new fort.  He couldn’t play under our old table due to the pedestal design.  Another benefit when dealing with small children: the steel was spray painted, so it will be super cheap and easy to touch up down the road.  Simply remove the top, haul the base outside and give the table a coat or two of plain ol’ spray paint.  Heck, we could change the color if we wanted to.

The World Market chairs we picked up are comfortable, too.  The size is perfect for our table.  I love the color and the slightly rustic finish is a great way to disguise future wear.  The stacking Target chairs are so convenient to carry up and down the stairs and are easy to store. 

When we planned to build a table, we knew we would not have the option to expand the table to add leaves, but most often, our old table was at the smallest size.  Over the weekend, we had several guests and missed the larger table.  Only for a minute, though.  This table looks so much better than our old table and all the options we could find locally.  We plan to buy a card table or two for future large gatherings. 

Overall, we love the table, chairs and usability of the set.  With that said, I’m curious to know what piece of furniture made your lives easier?

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