Recent Finds: Pier 1 & TJ Maxx

I guess I’ve been doing more retail therapy than usual.  It has to be becuase so many cute things are for sale this season.  Like these Power Ball-esque letters from Pier 1. 

Aren’t they cute?  And for $2.00 each, they don’t break the bank, so I got one ball for each member of our family.  My glass thrift store jar was a perfect vessel for displaying my new purchase, too.

While wandering through Pier 1, these pillows caught my eye. 

I love the texture of both, although the round red pillow seems uncomfortable and impractical.  I might try to make a similar version of the green pillow, though.  The Pier 1 version is made of felt, so it should be cheap and easy to work with.  We’ll see if it will make the cut.  Pun intended.

I also liked this lamp.

After Pier 1, I stopped in TJ Maxx and found matching white rubber backed rugs to replace our old bathroom rugs. 

Note: don’t send a straight man to buy a specific color rug.  I sent Ben out to buy white rugs.  What did he come back with?  CREAM!  There is a difference.  So, we finally have nice quality matching white rugs, all for the low price of $7.99 each.  Who’s happy?  I’m happy.

3 thoughts on “Recent Finds: Pier 1 & TJ Maxx

  1. I deal with hubby’s purchase surprises too, only instead of rugs it’s the grocery store. I now have been known to even draw a diagram in addition to listing where it is located within the store. The thought of hubby purchasing a bathroom rug makes me shudder 😉

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