Terrific Terrarium

To make a simple terrarium, find or buy pretty rocks, moss and a pretty, lidded jar.  Place the rocks (I bought mine from Michael’s) at the bottom.  Then add moss (we had some growing on our patio) on top, making it somewhat level.  Simple as that.  If you want to add some animal friends, continue reading.

I started out with little birds, inspired by these.  I used polymer clay to make the little guys.  I softened the clay before free forming my animals.  I decided to make birds, eggs, hedgehogs, and a gnome.

Then, I cut 2 inches of wire, folded it in half and twisted the ends together.  Insert the wire into our clay critter, but do not go completely through.

Follow the baking instructions on the package.  Let your dudes cool.  Now you’re ready to start painting.  I used acrylic paints from Michael’s and gave the guys a few base coats of color.  Add as much or as little detail as you’d like and let them dry.

Here are some of my birds.  I added eyes, wings and dipped their beaks in orange to add more color.

I thought I finished with my terrarium, but wanted to add some height.

So, I made a wire nest by coiling wire around.  Then, I needed a tree – do you see the “If you give a mouse a cookie” tendency I have?  To make a tree, I took a dead branch from our tree and snipped it to fit.  To attach the nest to the tree, uncoil the bird base.  Insert the bird wires through the nest and twist around the branch.  Push the tree firmly into the moss.  Add the rest of your critters and admire.

I love the colors and interest the animals add.  Aren’t they cute?

And, it’s cute from above!

I know it’s kitschy, but I think it’s charming and cute.  AND, it should be one plant I can’t kill!  Bonus!  So, what house plants do you like?  Any black thumb people out there?  I’d love to know what plants you’ve had luck keeping alive.

6 thoughts on “Terrific Terrarium

  1. That is so unique you should be very proud. I would love to try the Terrarium idea, its probably the only thing I know will survive my freakish plant killing powers!

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