Leaves Silhouette Giveaway Winner

It was so much fun to read all of your comments and some even made me laugh out loud!  The day before this giveaway started was just a bad day.  Let’s just say our (me, 3-year-old V and 5 month old Ev) Shopko trip was cut short (like barely in the door) by baby bodily fluids, a change in the bathroom and a nuclear toddler meltdown.  When Ben got home from work, I went alone, to Goodwill, Michael’s and a few other stores.  It was wonderful to slowly and aimlessly walk through the aisles.  So, to get away, I go shopping or out for a walk. 

Enough about me, though.  The lucky winner of this custom leaf silhouette painting is…

EM who likes to curl up with a good book in her sunroom.  Congrats, EM!  For those of you out there, I am offering a 10% discount now through September on all art.

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