Gimme a Giveaway: Wonderfully Wordy

*This giveaway is no longer accepting entries, Thank You!*

In a recent post, I mentioned that I fell in love with this pantry; it had me at flour.

Yep, I’m a sucker for organization, labels, pretty glass jars and a beautiful pattern.  Not only did I fall in love with the pantry, but it inspired me to do a little sprucing up of our pantry.

I decided I needed a set of labels for myself, but Miss Shelley at House of Smith’s, who also has a custom vinyl business, Wonderfully Wordy, was kind enough to add a set for one lucky duck.

Are you excited?  Here’s how it works:

Prize:  One set of five vinyl jar labels, courtesy of Wonderfully Wordy

To Enter:  Subscribe to follow Our Humble A{Bowe}d, if you’re not already.  To subscribe, click the “Sign Me Up!” button under “Be the first to know.”

Bonus:  Comment on this post with the words “LABEL LOVE” and tell us what you like to do to organize your home.

Contest Closes:  Monday, September 13th at 9:00 pm, central time.

Number of Winners:  One!

Ships:  Anywhere in the U.S.

Other Info:  Only one entry per e-mail address.  The winner will be selected using and announced on Tuesday, September 14th.  Good luck!!

253 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway: Wonderfully Wordy

  1. LABEL LOVE: We recently got a bookshelf for our living room, and I found these wonderful banana fiber baskets at Ikea to organize (and tastefully disguise) my 8-month old son’s toys and books that he plays with in the living room.

    I love the House of Smiths blog! She inspired me to organize my own pantry. All I have left to do is find glass jars that I love, and win the labels to complete them!

  2. LABEL LOVE! I’d like to get matching jars for all our spices, but they have to be plastic because they’re in the basement stairwell with prime dog-tail wagging placement. I also need to organize the two remaining closets that haven’t had much attention yet.

  3. “LABEL LOVE”…literally…i am in love with these labels and all labels for that matter. I have recently discovered that a label making machine does not have any boundaries! I have started labeling all shelves in my storage closets to keep things extra organized…im also a fan of baskets!

    We put stuff we don’t immediately use in Tupperware bins and store them in the basement for easy access! We label them of course 🙂

    I tend to use LOTS of elastics to group like items like markers &secure puzzle or game boxes etc. I also use a lot of milk crates with lables for the kids things or even for a “snack bin” in the pantry closet

    I have drooled over the House of Smith’s pantry for a while now. She is so creative! I reorganized my pantry but it’s not near as cute as this one. I’m a grandma and get lots of pictures of the kids. Maybe I could organize them somehow.

  7. LABEL LOVE!!! I am wanting to do the SAME thing, organize my pantry…even more. I like clean, consistent containers. These labels will ROCK!!

  8. Label Love!
    I try to use small baskets and canisters to organize. I’ll admit it doesn’t always work out great but I do try. I love the way the words on our the cannisters in the pics. I bought the cannisters about 2 years ago but always have to open them to see what it really is (flour or powdered sugar), etc. Mine are stainless steel though but I love them.

  9. Label Love

    whoa her pantry is great! I like organize by going crazy with my labeler. I think everything in my house has a label on it.
    But those labels are way cuter!!

  10. label love. i love using bins since they are cheap! And because i am cheap, i end up using clear packing tape and writing on top of it so i can change it out!

  11. Label Love!
    I am a teacher and everything in my classroom and my home is in labeled baskets. That way I can train my students to put things away along with my own children and husband!


    I just got some clear glass canisters for my kitchen and I’d love those labels for them. I was wondering how I was going to tell what ingredient was in each one and I never thought about using cute labels like this. Great idea!!


    i organize like crazy.. toys are organized by certain toys go in certain bins with a picture attached to help the kids when picking up, clothes are color and style coordinated, just everything has a certain way and a label to match.

  14. Label Love:
    I love to organize! It always makes me feel so much better! The room that needs it the most in our kitchen so this would be perfect!

  15. Label love!!!! It doesn’t matter what I do to organize I just love being able to find things when I need them and have them put away when I dont!

  16. Label Love! i have been wanting my pantry to look just like shelly’s since i seen her post it. i love they way it is so organized and so beautiful. we are working on our kitchen and i am ready to finish our pantry.

  17. Label Love!

    I just recently organized a basket for incoming mail, coupons to be filed, receipts, and bills to be paid separated by dividers so that I could free up my counterspace of all the junk! It has been SO NICE!

  18. Label Love: I like to keep things simple. I find the less stuff we have the easier it is to clean. So I rotate my kids toys out so they don’t get bored with them, plus it keeps a tidier room.

  19. LABEL LOVE– I just bought these awesome old cubicles from a thrift store for my mudroom– so now each kid gets there own space for shoes, hats, and misc. makes life SO much easeir!

  20. Label Love
    Mine is not nearly as nicely organized as this one, but I try to have things organized in “Zones” so we can find what we’re looking for.

  21. Label love! I WISH we had a pantry like that in our kitchen! We live in a 100+ year old house that has a giant but totally non-functional kitchen (NO drawers, and only 4 cabinets). I love having glass jars like that though to organize dry goods on our shelves. The taller ones are handy because it takes up more height on each shelf, thus freeing up more space width wise for other canned goods and things.

    This would be the way I would love to organize my home!!! Someone come over and kindly put everything in its place and label it with adorable vinyl lettering!

  23. LABEL LOVE! I have a confession, after watching as episode of Hoarders last night on A&E I stayed up until 2 am cleaning out my pantry. I just love labels – these would make my pantry not only cleaned out and organized but pretty as well.

  24. LABEL LOVE: oh how i also love her pantry! I love lables, I have the old school dyno label maker and lable everything even drawers in the bedrooms, but that, its so last season! LOL dyno lable out vinyl in. That and plastic containers its my weakness

  25. LABEL LOVE….I saw this pantry and it inspired me. I am currently in the middle of re-doing my pantry and would love these stickers to add the finishing touch. Thanks!

  26. Oh how I would love to organize my panrty just like Shellys on the
    House of Smiths blog. I think about doing it, at least once a week.
    then the thought gets away from me, if I had these labels, i know
    for sure I would have my pantry looking so nice in no time.

  27. LABEL LOVE: I like to buy baskets to organize stuff, but in order to get things really organized I will need either (a) an assistant or (b) a month off!

  28. Label Love<3- well…I am trying to get teh hang of this nifty organizing stuff! Definately trying to be better about it. I love all the tips and ideas from the blogs! Awesome giveaway..pick me pick me:)!!

  29. LABEL LOVE: I love an organized home, but I’m not too good at doing it. I would love someone to come in and do all the grunt work and then I’ll keep it up!!!! LOL

  30. LABEL LOVE: I love to organize with baskets and containers, hopefully wiith labels my hubby will be able to put things where they belong…hehe

  31. I love the whole pantry on House of Smith. I am so excited about this giveaway and cross my fingers. I love to have things lined up in my cabinets for easy access. I also have to have all labels facing forward. Can you say OCD?

  32. LABEL LOVE~ I’ve been organizing my daughter’s clothes into rubbermaid containers. I have the divided by size and, if there is a lot of a particular size, by season as well. I hope it will be easy to find what we need when we need it!

  33. LABEL LOVE!! With a new fix-er-up-er house, what is there NOT to organize–but an updated and clean pantry would be a great start! 🙂

  34. Label Love! I also just subscribed to your blog via google reader! Oh… the things that I could do with some of those cutie labels! I JUST organized my pantry and am saving up to buy a few more jars to hold misc. stuff in and some labels too!

  35. label love: i get so giddy when i see your blog & house.o.smith’s have been updated! yipee! and to my surprise… the label set i’ve been dreaming of.

    i love baskets. and cute boxes. and labels. and finding old things and using them for a new use.

  36. What perfect timing and I am ready for some LABEL LOVE!

    I seriously just re-did my pantry this weekend after seeing a post on Tater Tots and Jello that linked to Shelley’s post. I repainted the pantry walls “Wise Owl” tan and the shelves are White. I reorganized all of the food too, taking the items not used very often upstairs to our other food storage location. I even have a wreath, pitcher and platter on the top shelf inspired by Emily from DecorChick’s pantry makeover.

    Thanks for the opportunity and a great giveaway!

  37. Label LOVE!
    I LOVE to label everything, kids toys, kitchen things, Laundry soap, the labels for the kitchen would complete me. Thanks for the giveaway!


    My husband and I are building a custom house for the second time now. This time we know what works and what doesn’t. Labelling and organization definitely WORK (for you- that is!). Life is so much easier (especially when you have kids and are looking to soak up every spare second that you can) when things are neatly in their place. Labelling is my new obsession! What’s not to love about it!

  39. Label Love: I love organizing from my labeled files, to organizing my digital photos into folders by date and description so I can easily find my pics, to putting things in baskets so they look prettier. Currently we are living in a temporary place while we are waiting for our home to sell in another state. Can’t to be in my own home again so I can get to organizing things the way I’d like to!

  40. LABEL LOVE! (And I subscribed to your mailing list too 🙂

    I need to organize our office and garage! LOVE the labels – they would be a great addition to our pantry!

  41. “LABEL LOVE”
    The pantry makeover is on the top of my to-do list. I recently purchased a home with my long time boyfriend and our things are everywhere! I am a neat and orderly person and he is messy. I need to get organized to help keep him get a little more on my path and save my sanity! These labels would sure help!

  42. i’m a fan of her pantry too! i recently started moving all my stuff over to pretty glass jars… pretty glass jars that need labels!

  43. Hi there ~ LABEL LOVE!

    My hubby and I are buliding our house and I’m all about LABELS!
    Would be great to have vinyl letering to start off right!

  44. Label Love…I LOVE to label because I am currently renting and we move around because of my husbands work so I am limited on my organizing….can’t exactly build shelves, etc…. LABELS are movable though! LOVE labels!!!!

  45. i have a small “closet” with 6 custom lockers/cubbies. right now it’s a junk catch-all. and not the kind of of junk you would normally see in a mudroom. mine is in the MIDDLE of the house, off the living room! (a result of a strange addition by the previous owners). i NEED to clean it up, spruce it up… but am at a loss. i’m sure an organized pantry would inspire me 🙂

  46. Label Love: I think these r the neatest little labels and would love to have a set of them for my new jars I bought recently.


    I’ve always loved organizing, but recently have using labeled boxes to stash stuff. I would love some labels for my canisters!

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