Green Equals Green: Cloth Napkins

Today is the start of a new series: tips and ideas to help you live a greener life style, while saving some green.  Some ideas are super simple to carry out and very cheap (level 1), while others are slightly more difficult, but a knowledgeable DIYer could tackle (level 2).  Others are best left to the professionals (level 3), but all showcase eco-friendly options. 

Our first idea is a level 1, so easy a cave man can do it.  Let’s say a family of four uses 1 roll of paper towels every two weeks, at the price of $1.17 per roll (if you buy the cheapest paper towels in bulk from Costco).  The total spent in one year on paper towels (used only as napkins) is $30.42.  If you want to do something a little more eco-friendly, but still use paper towels, you can  buy Seventh Generation Recycled paper towels.  If you opt for this route, you’ll spend $46.54 per year. 

Compare those prices to $1.99 for four cloth napkins from IKEA, ours are IRIS, but I can’t find them online.  Our napkins are white with a subtle checker board pattern.  I chose not to buy pretty napkins, as they’ll look ugly after one use, but I love not having to buy a ton of paper towels.  I think the Earth loves us, too. 

If you don’t have an IKEA, you can always buy fabric and make your own.  Definitely invest in at least 8, so you always have some on hand.  Just throw them in the wash with a full load and reuse!

6 thoughts on “Green Equals Green: Cloth Napkins

  1. I love the idea of cloth napkins, my 7 and 2 year old little girls blaze through napkins as if we have a “napkin tree” in our backyard! It’s ridiculous! I think I might have to go with something a little darker for everyday use, but I really like the thought of using them instead of throwing away money on paper ones. 🙂 Maybe you can have a napkin giveaway on here! 🙂

  2. I have been collecting cloth napkins since I was a child. They are so nice to use as well as eco friendly. I now have a whole drawer that I draw from. Sometimes I match them and sometimes I mix up different ones for each person. It is fun.

    1. Hi Meagan,

      I found the image through a Google search, but I couldn’t find where they were sold… Sorry and boo to me.

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