Hit the FLOR

I love me some chevron these days.  As you may recall, I recently painted a chevron pattern rug.  And now, I’m drooling over this new pattern from FLOR.

Yep, more chevron!  I was wondering when FLOR would jump on the proverbial bandwagon.  Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  My name is Amanda and I’ll be your captain for the day.  Please welcome our newest member, FLOR.  Welcome to the chevron bandwagon, please enjoy the trend while it lasts.  Thank you and have a great day!

Now that I got that out of my system, let’s move on.  I’m loving the pattern and the $12.99 price tag isn’t too bad, either.  So, what’s stopping me from buying this beauty?  My children (and I’m cheap)!  We already have two rugs made up of FLOR tiles, but they get everything dirty.  True, you can remove a single tile to wash or replace, depending on the soil level, but I’ll stick with my current rugs until my boys can be trusted.

The Sophistikat pattern isn’t the only new design I’m lovin’.  Check out these puppies.

Posh Croc is a nice subtle pattern at $14.99 per tile.

Road to Damaskus (love the punny name!) is a pretty pattern that will set you back $12.99.

Faux Bois by Ms. Martha Stewart herself is $19.99 per tile.

How about Lattice by Martha?  Only $18.99 per tile.

FLOR designs have come a loooong way.  I remember when they had only solid colors in a few textures.  Ahh, those weren’t the days…

4 thoughts on “Hit the FLOR

  1. Hi Amanda,

    We saw your post today and wanted to send out a “thank you” for featuring us today. We love seeing the progress of your home renovation… you guys have done a beautiful job. Congrats and continued success to you both.

    (and the rest of the crew from FLOR)

  2. just got the new Flor catalog yesterday, so I’m with ya, the new patterns are great! Plus, I love the way the rooms are styled in the catalog, I could live in any one of those cool spaces!

    We installed “Finer things” and “Rake Me Over” in our old house, wall-to-wall–it was a fun family project to install the floor together. They were both in a light color, but cleaned up pretty easily, thank goodness!


  3. I’m digging the new flor chevron rug too…..I’m thinking about getting a small one for our house either kitchen or someplace else. I just ordered a fun Flor rug for our entryway 🙂

  4. I have been lusting over FLOR tiles for awhile. But there are just too many great choices. So what do I do/ Nothing. And just continue to dream about them until I can make decision. Now I can add the chevron to my “I want” list.

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