Recent Ross Deals

Did you know I am having a love affair with Maxx and Ross?  TJ Maxx and Ross Dress for Less, that is.  Yep, I love ’em.  Can’t get enough, in fact.  Why do I love thee?  Because they have great deals on awesome items.  Like this stoneware bowl by Target.  Original retail price: $11.99, Ross price: $3.49.  Sold!

I guess the bowl was designed to hold baguette, but it actually works really well as a fruit bowl.  I also found this ugly gold decorative vase for $6.49. 

I do have a plan for it, just need to carry it out.  Then, I found a large decorative outdoor planter for $6.99, talk about a deal!  The cheapest thing Home Depot and Lowes had in a similar size was $30.00.  Both TJ Maxx and Ross are great places to look for bedding, too. 

The comforter in our guest room came from Ross and I recently picked up a set of King sized 400 thread count grey sateen sheets from TJ Maxx for $29.99.  Yep, it’s love at first sight.

One thought on “Recent Ross Deals

  1. Ha, I’ve got the same comforter in sage green. I ended up ripping it open and making a duvet cover out of it for our down comforter. Mine was filled with polyester. It goes really well with your wall color!

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