Inspiration Flies

I love when I stumble upon beautiful ideas.  Some of these I can duplicate myself.  Like this felt circle pillow

I love the texture!  This would be pretty simple to recreate, too.  Cut tons of circles from felt, fold in half and sew to a front piece.  Add a back and stuffing and you’ve got yourself a sweet, textured pillow!

Speaking of sweet, how about this finger print cut out artwork by Lori Danelle.

I wonder what I can do with a cut out design…?

Months ago, I saw this b.e.a.utiful custom pendant on an episode of Dear Genevieve and fell in love.  A little googling later and I found the maker, Sarah Foote, and where to buy said pendant. 

I still can’t figure out the frame or how to cut a million ash veneer circles, but I would love to do something similar.

It would be fun to make a clock like this, from Timber!

What inspires you to take on a DIY project or two?

5 thoughts on “Inspiration Flies

  1. I LOVE that pillow!! the texture is so yummy =) (I know it’s a weird description)
    I find inspiration in everything =) I really analyze things now to figure out how or if I could DIY it =)

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