You + Me = Art?

Some of you may know that I create custom prints.  Well, I was working on the Carved Initials print for an order and a light bulb went off!  What if I made a ‘sculpture’ of a carved initials tree for our home?  So, I went out back to our woodpile and found a small log without bark.  It was just what I wanted.  Ben cut it down to size; it’s tough (not to mention unsafe) to work a circular saw with a six-month old in hand.  Then he scrubbed off the dirt and the last bit of bark.

Then I quickly drew a heart with B+A inside. 

 Ben used a Dremel tool to ‘carve’ the heart and initials.  If you don’t have a Dremel, just do it the old-fashioned way.

 The carved areas didn’t show up from far away, so Ben used a soldering iron to burn in the areas, but brown paint or stain would work just as well.  After it was burned in, it looked like this:

Overall, this piece is about 12 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter. 

It hasn’t found a permanent home, but it’s on the entertainment center for now. 

I love that it is personalized, interesting, easy and quick to complete and FREE!  Where do you get your inspiration from?  What little things do you do to personalize your home?

8 thoughts on “You + Me = Art?

  1. Cute!!! How fun would it be to make wedding decorations with these? I can see these in the center of a round table nestled in a ring of flowers and mason jar candles! Unique and thrifty!

  2. You never cease to amaze me! You find the coolest, thriftiest things to do all with 2 small kids in tow! Jealous!
    And as you know, my hubby & i are ALSO B + A….hint hint! lol
    You should sell these, they are totally cool & sculptural 🙂

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