Simple Solutions: Hardware

Is your kitchen boring?  Do you have a piece of furniture that needs a quick and cheap update?  Simply change or add new hardware. 

Our entertainment center had oil rubbed bronze door pulls.  I grew tired of the dark hardware, so a quick change of hardware made a big difference.

The new, modern style brushed nickel hardware gave the doors a quick face lift, all for about $12.00.

New hardware is a simple and often very affordable option to update furniture or cabinets.  Consider it jewelry and accessorize your home.

After I repainted our pantry, I decided it was time for new handles, so we removed the original boring white knobs and replaced them with the same sleek brushed nickel handles.

We had to drill two more holes for the new hardware, but that took less than five minutes and made a big difference.

Here’s a tip: buy hardware in bulk packs at Home Depot to get a better rate.

Now I want to know, what hardware are you coveting right now?  Do you have a piece of furniture that recently received a facelift with new hardware?

6 thoughts on “Simple Solutions: Hardware

  1. I love how you’ve styled your shelves! That’s always a problem for me. I love how you styled the many shelves in your office too 🙂
    I would love a post on shelf styling in the future! 🙂

    1. I’ll add a shelf styling guide to my list! Thanks for the idea-if there are other projects you’d like more info on, please do let me know!


  2. I just saw adjustable drawer/cabinet pulls that used steel cable. Now I have to find them again because I wasn’t paying enough attention to where I saw them and where I have to order them from. Silly girl…

  3. Hi Amanda, I bought handles last night at Ikea – they have a small selection but all modern and streamlined and if you see something you like they’re two for 6.99 to about $10, so a really great deal. We’ll see how they look when I attach them this weekend!

  4. I’m actually in the middle of changing all the hardware in my kitchen, but we are having trouble with our drill and the length of the screws for the hardware. It is very frustrating to be in the middle of a switch like that. I even have a new drill on my Christmas list.

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