Gimme a Giveaway: Cloth Napkins

*This giveaway is no longer accepting entries, Thank You!*

Update:  Somehow, I can no longer access the Our Humble A{Bowe}d Facebook account.  I have created a new account.  Please remove yourself from the first one and become a fan of this account.

Happy Black Friday, everyone!  I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.  We just lounged around and I never changed out of my pajamas.  Gotta love it.  On Wednesday, I shared how you can save money, be more eco-friendly and give you something to do for an hour or so, cloth napkins.  You don’t have to wake up at 3 in the morning or stand in lines getting shoved by crabby people or drive from store to store to snag a set of the babies. 

Prize:  One set of 14 inch square cloth napkins, pictured above.

To Enter:  Subscribe to follow Our Humble A{Bowe}d, if you’re not already.  To subscribe, click the “Sign Me Up!” button under “Be the first to know.” 

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Bonus:  Comment on this post with the words “BLACK FRIDAY” and tell us if you love it or hate it as well as your best deal.   

Contest Closes:  Thursday, December 2nd at 9:00 pm, central time.

Number of Winners:  One!

Ships:  Anywhere in the U.S.

Other Info:  Only one entry per e-mail address.  The winner will be selected using and announced on Friday, December 3rd.  Good luck!!

59 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway: Cloth Napkins

    I am not a huge fan of Black Friday, unless it is from the comfort of my own computer. I definitely don’t like standing in long lines in stores!
    Last year we got a great deal on our Nikon camera though…
    Happy Thanksgiving! xo


    I don’t really like black friday, because it means I have to keep my retail shop open…..although selling custom picture framing doesn’t produce the MAD RUSH….so mostly I just sit around and wonder why I even bothered opening. haha

    I’ve gone out shopping at the crack of dawn before, but today I am lounging with my kids and enjoing coffee in bed Maybe I’ll partake in online sales! 🙂

  4. BLACK FRIDAY – Not a big fan of it…can’t even tell you the last time I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I can tell you that I LOVE those napkins and really, really, really hope my number gets picked! 🙂 Did I already say that I LOVE THEM? 🙂

  5. i’m a follower and BLACK FRIDAY is the worst (sorry, i’m not into 4am crowds). i can usually find deals on what i need before thanksgiving anyway.

  6. BLACK FRIDAY! I have a love/hate relationship with today. Yes I was out at 4am this morning and did get some great deals, my favorite being $29 boots (regular $130) from JCPenney! This year was great, I was not in one store for more than 30 min. But in the past the lines have been awful. But this year was fantastic! Thanks for your turkeys out of nuts idea, I made them and they were so CUTE!

  7. BLACK FRIDAY! I hate crowds. But I do like Cyber Monday…so I’ll be up early in my pjs and on the computer getting some deals!!! Looking for a good deal on a portable dvd player with all our trips we take to visit our family.

  8. I subscribed! i think i was already subscribed but it does not hurt to try again. Love the napkins, don’t love Black Friday,but in truth I have never been. I want to go one day and do it like my sister-in-law, she goes with a list and a plan, and gets lots of good deals.

  9. BLACK FRIDAY – I hate it — and avoid the crowds like the plague. When I actually HAVE ventured out in hopes of finding a “good deal”, I am never lucky enough to find anything worth braving the crowds for…

  10. “BLACK FRIDAY”. hate it, but went to bath and body works and scored $78 of merchandise for $24.50 using combinations of buy “___” get “___” free and coupons for free item with purchase and $10 off purchase over $30.

  11. I subscribed!
    I LOVE the Black Friday deals, but I HATE the crowds! Unfortunately, you can’t have one without the other. Yesterday I spent hours (literally) waiting in either the fabric-cutting line or checkout line at Joann Fabric. I got a ton of fabric for super cheap ($1.29/yd), but at the expense of my sanity. Plus, with a little 4-week-old baby to worry about (I didn’t take him to the store with me, he stayed with Grandma and Grandpa), it just wasn’t fun. Therefore, I boycott Black Friday!

  12. BLACK FRIDAY — i’m a skert of it! i try not to even leave my house that day! i’m much happier shopping from my cozy chair in my slippers!!! best deal so far —- a silhouette for $199!!!!
    kristinmik at gmail dot com

  13. blackfriday!

    i love it for the most part. if i knew what to get for my parents and in-laws i would love it even more =P i guess the best deal we got this year is either my stand mixer for $25 (target) or a 32inch flat panel tv for $215 (online purchase). we went to target at 345am, sort of stood in line waiting to get into the store for opening at 4am then waiting 20 min in the checkout line. the key to not waiting in lines is not getting electronics – those lines never moved. we were pretty successful this year too because we had a laid back attitude about the whole thing – nothing is worth getting angry with people over just to save a few bucks

  14. BLACK FRIDAY – i visit my parents in a small town where I am blissfully unable to be tempted to heading out into the masses..

  15. BLACK FRIDAY! I’m not a huge fan of the shopping, but I do LOVE Cyber Monday! I got some great deals on Christmas presents on Monday. I love the Friday after Thanksgiving because it’s like a free day – no family obligations, no work, no traveling, and no work to worry about the next day either!

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