Have a Ball

Are you ready for another Christmas craft project?  You are?  Good, I’ve got just the craft for you, a Christmas ball ornament wreath.  To start, you’ll need to acquire a roll of floral wire, a wire wreath form, tons of cheap plastic ball ornaments and a sheet or two of felt to match your color palette.  It also helps to have a glue gun and plenty of glue sticks handy.

I got a large form from Hobby Lobby for $3.47 and nine packages of ornaments from Target’s dollar section.  I chose all silver to keep it timeless and go with any color palette in the years to follow.  Seriously, the best deal I’ve found.  Get an assortment of sizes, too.  I used 2 1/2 packages of the small (16 per pack), 5 of the medium (8 per pack) and 1 large with 4 per pack. 

After you gather your supplies, start by cutting a piece of wire about two feet in length.  For this part of the process, use only the two large sizes.  String the wire through the top of the ornament.  Wrap the wire around the wire form and twist the loose end to secure.  Then, wrap the long end through another section of the wreath form, go back up and add another ball.  Basically, you’ll make a zig zag pattern with the wire to connect the ornaments on a few long wires. 

The zig zag will help keep the ornaments in place.  They will still move around a little.  This is where the glue gun comes in.  Place a few little dots of hot glue where the ornaments meet and allow to dry.  This step is most easily done in small sections.  I don’t recommend waiting until you’ve attached all ornaments to glue. 

Continue attaching the ornaments until you’ve covered the wreath form.  You will have spots where the wreath form is still visible, just as I did with the pine cone wreath I recently made.  If you have visible areas on the very inside or outside of the wreath, wire small ornaments in place, gluing to keep from moving. 

Then, hot glue the smallest ornaments onto the larger ornaments to fill any areas you can see through those ornaments. 

Again, continue until you’ve covered all areas.  If you want to add a splash of color, you can add a bright bow, hang an ornament in the center of the wreath or choose a brightly colored ribbon to hang the wreath from.  The possibilities are endless. 

To prevent from scratching the surface the wreath will rest against, hot glue small pieces of felt to the back or the wreath form. 

Hang on your door to add a ton of Christmas cheer and greet your guests. 

Still looking for Christmas decorating ideas?  Fret not, we’ll share another DIY idea tomorrow, but you can check out our Christmas tree in the mean time.


12 thoughts on “Have a Ball

  1. Beautiful! I’ve seen tons of tutorials on this type of wreath, but yours is gorgeous! And none of the others said to cover with felt at the back. That’s smart. Thanks in advance for helping me protect my front door from scratches.

    1. Hi Mary,

      I’m glad you like it! I know I don’t want my door to get scratched up, so why would you want yours scratched? Glad that tip helped! If you make a wreath, I’d love to see pics!


  2. That is so stinking cute! I have a double front door and don’t ever hang a wreath because I’d have to hang 2 of them…but I might just have to whip one of these up when I can buy a bulk amount of balls for cheap! 🙂 Love it!

    P.S. So how much glitter did you end up with all over your hands, face, table, clothes, etc…gotta love glittery stuff. 🙂


  3. Wow like the pp said I’ve seen a lot of these but this one has to be my favorite by far! The scale, color scheme and different size balls really make it different from the rest. I may just have to try this out…

  4. Gorgeous wreath!! I made one too and JUST hung it on the front door. Mine was made by stringing ornaments onto a wire hanger that I formed into a circle. Love it! Keep the crafts comin’ – it’s so much fun 😉

    1. Thanks for such amazing comments everyone! I’m glad you like the tutorial 🙂 I’m really pleased with the end result, too. I love that it’s all silver, but the sheen and size differences add interest. And, I really love that it was about $12.00 total. Love that, especially becuase I’ve seen some that are over $60!

      Vonda, I’m thrilled to have one of my projects make your fav list! Thanks!!

      Lorie, There was glitter EVERYWHERE! I did this at the dining table and I’m still seeing hints of glitter on the rug. Oh well, it looks pretty and hopefully most of the glitter fell off in the process. You can get cheap ornaments at Target in the dollar section or wait until they clearance everything after Christmas.


  5. What a beautiful wreath! I love your all-silver color palette, and your method is different from any I’ve seen. I just made an ornament wreath too (in silver and red), but I hot glued mine to a styrofoam wreath form. This is such an easy and gorgeous project! Well done!

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