The Stockings Were Hung…

By the plate rack with care.  Unfortunately, our fireplace is a stand alone wood burning stove, so nothing combustible can be within three feet of it.  Which also means, no stockings hung on a mantle.  So, the best option was the plate rack in the dining room.

To hang, I screwed eye hooks behind the quarter round and it works perfectly!  I snagged all the stockings last year on clearance.  The silver ones are from Wal-Mart and the white is from Target.  I also bought monogram pins on clearance.

Of course they didn’t have a V.  Rarely can I find a V monogram.  Oh, I also whipped up a quick centerpiece using evergreen clippings, an IKEA planter and origami. 

Remember how much I loved these porcelain reindeer

Well, I’m cheap and can’t justify the price, so I attempted to make my own using polymer clay.  That ended in complete and utter failure.  Then, I decided to make traditional paper origami reindeer.

I think they’re still cute, though not as modern.  Oh well.

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Don’t have a mantle?  What clever places do you hang your stockings?  Do you have an initial you can’t seem to find a monogram of?  Are there any ornaments you’re coveting this year?  Just want to see more Christmas ideas?  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

16 thoughts on “The Stockings Were Hung…

  1. When my oldest child was born, I purchased a stocking for him from Pottery Barn Kids. I have continued the tradition with all three of my children. The stockings are cute for kids, but they do not fit into the style of the rest of our home. I considered purchasing new stockings to match the style of our living room, however my children adore their PBK stockings. So even though we have a mantle and fireplace in our living room, I hang the stockings in my children’s rooms. This makes filling them on Christmas Eve a challenge:)

    1. Thanks, Erica! I love the look, but I would have really loved a clay version.

      Carole and Andrea, I love the monograms. I’m a sucker for monograms in general, but I love that we can easily switch stockings and keep the personalization. And, I can use them for ANYTHING else 🙂

    1. Hi Annabelvita,

      I wonder?!? Though I won’t have a chance to try it this year- too busy and too cold. I’ll have to remember that! Thanks for the idea!

  2. great idea to add the monogram! we have two ‘C’s in our family (three if you count the puppy!), so it would not be sufficiently identifying for Santa 🙂

    we just made new Christmas stockings this weekend. I didn’t think ahead to sew in a hook, so right now, they’re hanging by paperclips looped around the stocking holders.

    1. CourtneyOutLoud,

      I can’t find this same tutorial online, but I got it from the book “The World of Origami” by Isao Honda. It’s a little difficult because it spans several pages, jumping from steps from several creatures, otherwise I would take a photo and send it to you. Just a warning, the book instructions are a little lacking on how exactly to fold everything, so I fiddled around until I got so annoyed ant cut off some parts that were getting in the way, then it worked 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t help more.


  3. Thanks Gina, CourtneyOutLoud and Kasey! I really like the reindeer and I have to protect them from Everett’s grabby hands. I love seeing the clever solutions for mantle-less stockings!

  4. I have used the mini pins for our grandkids’ stockings for a long time and have been able to find them every year at Target. I need one more “I” pin, and Target does not have them this year. Where can I get one?

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