Amanda’s Rules in Use

In keeping with our bookshelf theme, I’m back to share rules (more like tips) I follow that Cobi didn’t mention.

So, what are my rules?

1.  Turn ugly books around.  If you have ugly books, you have a few options to make them fit in with your aesthetic.  The easiest way is to simply turn the spines to the back.  Other options: place said books in a basket, magazine file or create decorative book covers using wrapping paper.

2.  Don’t keep all books in the same direction.  As Cobi said, place some books on their side to create pedestals.  I think it’s more natural to line books along the left side, but you can face the fronts to the right, too.  This will make it easier to balance the shelf and create visual interest.

3.  Use decorative pieces as bookends.  Put pretty, heavy objects to good use.

4.  Add art to create layers.  Place small art in front of books or hang art on the back of the bookshelf.

Find that adorable bird printable here.

5.  Hide ugly items behind books and art.  We all do this, why shouldn’t you?  It’s valuable real estate!  If you have ugly items that you need access to (not especially often), tuck them in behind a frame or books.

6.  Display decorative pieces you love or have meaning.  Not every piece will have meaning, but buy items you love.  It’s a bonus if they function.
7.  Give yourself room to expand.  Not your waistline (like I do) but with your shelves.  If you use storage boxes, leave empty ones on the shelves, this way you’ll have a place to put overflow without rearranging everything.
8.  Take pictures.  If you like an arrangement but need to move items around, take pictures before removing everything.  This will give you a reminder if you just can’t get the new arrangement right.
9.  Organize your books!  Find an organization technique that works for you.  My books are sorted by genre (fiction, biography/autobiography, science, classics, travel, history, and miscellaneous).  Then, I group each genre by color and display in rainbow order with white, black, and brown at the end.

5 thoughts on “Amanda’s Rules in Use

    1. Hi Heather,

      Glad it can help! If you use any of our tips, I’d love to see pictures of your bookshelf (when you find the right one) on our Facebook page.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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