Cool, DIY-able Lighting

There are so many lighting options, many of which are expensive.  I decided to make a coffee filter light for our guest bedroom and that got my wheels turning.  Here are a few other affordable, DIY options I threw around.

1.  Spray paint an outdated chandelier.

2.  Using Mod Podge to cover an ugly fixture with book pages, maps or another pretty paper to achieve an Anthropologie-esque feel.

via Centsational Girl

3.  Use string, glue and an inflatable ball to make a Moooi Random Pendant look-alike.

Here’s Jen from Made By Girls version:

via Made By Girl

4.  Using wood veneer strips or iron on tape to create a Sarah Foote style light.

via Sarah Foote

Here’s a great tutorial I think I’m going to try to replace the fan in the boys bedroom.

Of course, there are many other great DIY friendly lighting designs.  What are your favorites?  I’ve seen some cage pendants, but those don’t really fit my style, though I think they are cool.  I’m open to any ideas, so share links, too!

3 thoughts on “Cool, DIY-able Lighting

  1. Hubby and I have decided on a large tree branch for extra lighting in our dining room. We have decided it has to be pretty big (at least 10′) since our dining room is 20′ and then lights will be strung to it, taped with electrical wire and painted black (I think) and suspended from the ceiling… We have had a hard time finding the right branch but once we do I will post pics on my site. I can’t wait ’til it’s up! I also want to replace the entry way light but I don’t have any clue what with yet… I have an ugly gold trimmed entry way light now that I just ignore.

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