Interactive Art

While browsing Etsy, I found this cool vinyl map wall decal from Tweet Heart Wall Art.  The decal usually measures 22 inches by 38.5 inches, but that was larger than I needed.  After a few messages with Sunny, we nailed down my order.  I got a 10 inch tall by 19 inch wide map in Brimstone Yellow.  It arrived three days later!  

Color me  impressed with Sunny’s help and speed.   

So, what did I do with this map?  I turned it into interactive art for the boys bedroom. 

The process was exactly the same to create this as it was this magnet board I made over the summer.  The only difference was the addition of the vinyl decal.  Because this was my first experience with a large vinyl decal, I rushed peeling if off and tore parts of Russia and Africa.  So, I peeled those off and smushed them back down. 

After making the actual map board, I made a few magnets.  To make your own magnets you’ll need magnet sheets (pizza magnets work wonderfully), printable adhesive labels (I used Avery full sheets with True Block, just to make sure the magnet design didn’t show through), a printer and scissors. 

Type out the continents, oceans and other large landmarks, (for my size map, I need equally small magnets, so I used 10 point font).  I also created a few arrows.  Then, print onto stickers, remove the backing to place on your magnet and cut to size.

Then, help your kiddos scoot the labels and arrows around the map. 

When we’re not playing, the map takes center stage on the art wall, right next to the customized Made by Girl alphabet print and our free Valentine’s day All You Need is Love printable.  If you’re afraid this is going to fall on Everett, don’t fear.  I placed a few dots of sticky tack behind each corner to keep it firmly in place.  Just a few more framed prints and this wall is done…for now. 

I know.  Another map in our house.  It’s an addiction.  To refresh your memory, here’s the other side of the room.  

So far, we have painted the bed sun yellow, painted a chevron pattern on a jute rug, created free magazine art, refinished and decorated a bookshelf, and made more DIY origami art.  Heck, we even reorganized the closet!  The bedroom redesign we started last summer is nearly complete.  What’s left?  A few more art prints and a new, to-be-determined light fixture and possibly a new set of light blocking curtains. 

With spring just around the corner, we are finally getting nice weather to tackle some lingering projects.  What are you preparing to do?  Yard work?  Deep spring cleaning?  Spray painting?  (Me too!)  Perhaps you’re a go getter and you’ve already finished a project or two?

7 thoughts on “Interactive Art

    1. Oh, I didn’t mention the oceans, but I did those, along with large seas, the Great Lakes and a few other points of interest. So far, Vincent really likes it! Thanks!!

  1. Great idea for teaching geography! I teach 9th grade and one of my students asked me the other day if the world was divided up into states or countries.

    Your kids will have a head start on her. 🙂

    As for my spring plans, I can’t wait to spray paint something!

  2. I love this idea- perfect for my boys’ playroom. Where did you find the metal board/backing? (wracking my brain for an easy place to find it around here)

    1. Thanks, Anna! For small sheets of steel, check Home Depot or Lowes. Bring a magnet with you just to make sure it’s magnetic. If you can’t find a sheet of metal, you could try painting a thin sheet of plywood (or something similar) with magnet primer, then paint over it. I used that for my office backsplash and it works great! You can read more about that here:

      If you try this, we would love to see pictures on our Facebook page:

      Hope this helps!

  3. Knowing how much you love maps, I thought of you at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Thy have 50% off decorative balls, and my local store had cute map ones for $3 (sale price) in different colors. About softball size.

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