Thrifty Thursday: March

More thrifting is going on.  This time, not only at Goodwill.  We have a new, huge store in town.  Individuals rent out a section of the shop and can sell anything home related in their section, so the diversity is great.  I found this white gourd shaped lamp with a broken (as well as ugly and stained) shade for 10 bucks.

It matches IKEA’s Persika vase I picked up last summer perfectly, though the lamp looks a little blue in the photo. 

Here are a few things that caught my eye, but my wallet said no.  This mirror is exactly the same as the black mirror in our living room.  We bought ours from a garage sale for $5.00.  Price comparision?  $78.00.  One point for Ben and Amanda, zero for the consignment shop.  Really though, even at $78.00, the price isn’t bad for such a large mirror.  And spraypaint could definitely modernize it.

I thought my sister would like this modern buffet.  What do you think, Ash?  If I remember correctly, it was $250.

How about a Versailles domed chair for $900?  Similar to this chair at Restoration Hardware and half the price.

If I had the space for a tall bench, I would love something with similar function to this piece:

It’s an umbrella stand, coat rack, mirror, bench and shoe storage all in one, but for $1700, it’s not getting in my house.  I saved the best for last.

Oh, I kid, I kid.  That was a little ‘What Not to Buy’ moment, courtesy of Goodwill.  Last week, you saw my obsession fondness of maps and globes, but I have never seen this before:

A moon globe!  I loved it, but not $42.61 kind of love.  More like $12.99 kind of love.  Now that I’ve shared some items from the new guy in town, I thought I’d share some finds from oldies, but goodies.  Cue the thrift store.

I found that black hanging basket for $1.50.  If I ever finish organizing our entry, this will go in our closet.  While my sister was visiting, we stopped in TJ Maxx, where I scored a large footed hurricane for $6.99.  Has anyone stored powder laundry soap in an open container?  I’d love to use a pretty glass container for storage, but I don’t know if we’ll have problems with the soap out in the open.  Please share your opinions and experiences, thoughts and concerns! 

Vincent picked out this birdhouse for $9.99, also at TJ Maxx.  He’s a strange kid.  Rather than ask for toys, he asks for a birdfeeder, or a bright orange, long handled scrub brush with a face on it.  True story. 

As soon as we pulled in the driveaway, we took the feeder out and hung it on our birch tree.  It’s a little early, but I love the pop of color and I think Vincent will get a kick out of seeing the birds. 

Also, if you’re in the need for frames, Michael’s has a good deal for you.  Yesterday, I bought a four pack of 8 inch square frames for $9.99.  Then, I saw they had a three pack of 8 by 10 inch shadow boxes, also $9.99.  I think that’s a smokin’ deal. 

Have you found any steals lately?  Ready for spring and a side of garage sales?  Ever stored your laundry detergent in an open container?  Want to buy some birdseed?  It’s for the birds.  (One of my favorite commercials)

18 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: March

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the buffet! Hmmm, mom and dad are taking the truck out next week, I’ll have to do some Craigslist shopping before then to compare, but $250 seems low to moderate.

    1. Ash, I’d have to double check the price, but I think that’s what it was. Ands and I both thought you’d like it.

  2. I don’t remember where I read it, but someone on another blog posted that they store things in hurricane glasses and it’s more for decoration. Since they sit close to a window they can often get moisture in them. To prevent this from happening they use those silicone gels that come in packages you get in the mail. Just open the little pack of gels and pour them in the bottom of the hurricane glass and they soak up the moisture. Clever idea 🙂

    1. Hi Emily,

      The new store is simply called Marketplace.

      That sounds like a great solution! Thanks for sharing!

  3. hey! I store my powder (home-made;)) laundry soap in an open jar and so far I have had NO problems… I keep the jar in a tin tub thing on my dryer. I would be scared of a glass container like you got because I am THEE number 1 CLUTZ 😉
    but it should be fine… refering to Rachaels thought up there -I am in CA where it is dry as an old bone… so that might make a difference!!:) good luck!!

  4. I love that mirror I can just see it painted a gloss white and looking striking.
    Yes I’ve had some good deals lately, a retro japanese clock for $30, $2 glass vase and a book I’d been eyeing off as a teenager but couldnt afford I found for $3. I have remembered why I love op shopping so much. More for your buck!

    1. Michelle,
      You’re totally right. Gloss white (or grey, black, silver, etc.) or a bright, yet sophisticated color for a fun piece in a bathroom or kids room. Love thrifty finds and yours sound great!

  5. Wow, those prices seem high for goodwill. Maybe when people get to set their own prices things go haywire? 🙂

    I store powder detergent in 2 open canisters and I thought I’d have moisture problems but so far I don’t. I have oxi clean in one and I find it is way more caked in the closed box than it is in the container. My container isn’t that big so I have to keep refilling it from the box (maybe 1x a month) but I will say I like it a lot better like this! It looks prettier and is much easier to just scoop some out.

    1. Hi Jen,

      Yeah, some prices are high, but this isn’t a thirft store, just found a few thrifty things there. I just showed some of my favorites that I could never justify. Sadly though, some of these things would probably be about the same price at Goodwill. 😦 Is it just our thirft stores or does it seem that they want an arm and a leg for most furniture?

      Thanks for the info on open containers! I’m really leaning toward it. We’re almost out of detergent, so I figure the worst that happens is I don’t like it. 🙂 Happy Friday!

  6. very interesting finds! I think powered soap storage would work better in a large class canister/mason jar – ya know what I mean, that type of large jar with a lid? I think that’s classy.

    1. Hi Robin,

      I agree, a glass lidded jar is classy. That is my fall back option. Something large and covered, but still clear. Thanks!

  7. It’s not just your thrift stores, I live in Missouri and I have to look far and wide in thrift stores or on craigslist to find a descent price for furniture. For some reason around here people think that their ugly old 90s floral couches are worth several hundred bucks; I just don’t get it. But that is a great lamp you found! I’m jealous.

  8. haha love the shell woman! Ditto on the Goodwill prices–a month or so ago, I saw one of those mirrored Target nightstands at Goodwill….they were asking $70 and it had a crack in the top!

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    1. Erin,

      Gotta love Goodwill for their pricing, only not really. Though, if something is damaged, you could try asking for a discount. It worked with the jute rug in the boys’ room! Happy weekend to you, too!


  9. I store my powdered laundry detergent in a bucket. I have for years and have never had any problems…except the kids like to scoop it out every now and then when I forget to close the laundry room door 🙂

  10. well….my sweet hubs thought you were supposed to just take the whole lid off the detergent after buying it, and so, before we were married that’s how his detergent always was — out in the open. even when we dated i did his laundry, and it was always just fine! 🙂

    i’m new to your blog….and new to reading blogs….and new to writing my own blog…ha! i’m new to the blogging world altogether but i absolutely love your blog! one of my favorites for sure!

    1. Bethany, I think that is men in general 😉 We buy our detergent from Costco so it’s in a HUGE bin with a lid that (for me) is really difficult to get off. Ben always seemed to snap that sucker on as tight as possible. Oh, and welcome to the blog world! Glad you’re liking ours.


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