In the Works

Gallery walls are all the rage right now.  We already have one in our main level hallwayI’ve been scouring Etsy lately to find the perfect art to fill a gallery wall in our basement.  I’ve finally found enough art to fill the wall.  Now, I’m fiddling with the arrangement.  Something asymmetrical containing all my bird, feather and tree art.  To find the perfect arrangement, I started moving the frames around on the floor in front of the wall.  One layout I liked, the other I loved.

Option number one:

Option number 2 is the winner!

With the layout decided, I traced each frame on newspaper and marked where to nail.  Seriously, this saves so. much. time.  After determining the center of the arrangement and the center of the wall, I taped my templates up. 

My frame arrangement as well as my drawing were close by for reference. 

Stay tuned for the final reveal.  In the mean time, I’m wondering how many of you have or would like to have a gallery wall?  Where do you have it?  Sprucing up a hall?  Meandering down the stairs?  What fills those frames?  Family photos?  Travel mementos?  Etsy art?

22 thoughts on “In the Works

  1. I definitely think you made the right choice with number 2! I had a mini gallery wall in my last apartment, and I’m planning to make one on the wall behind the couch in the place I just moved to. I have a lot of animal themed art from Etsy and other places, so I was thinking it might make an interesting collection.

    1. Hi Kim,

      I think an animal collection would look great. It keeps the grouping cohesive. Good luck!


  2. I have a huge antique frame that I want to put a wall gallery inside. I just have to find things to frame. I liek the idea of black and white photos but don’t have many good ones. This project is on the back burner right now.

    1. Chandeen,

      I have the same problem. I’m looking for art to go in our stairwell and I was thinking of black and white photos, but I need to find some I like. So much to do, so little time…


  3. I think you made the right choice wth number 2! Looking forward to seeing it.

    We have a small gallery wall in our dining room that I’ve been meaning to post about.

  4. Sounds like a great theme I can’t wait to see them hung to perfection 😉
    I’ve just done a gallery of b&w prints in my hallway too. I traced around my frames with pencil and then had to rub it all off, but it worked ok no wrong drill holes thats all that matters!

    1. Thanks, everyone! We loved number two, too. Meagan, I did see John and Sherry’s post. I hesitated to post this for fear of being accused of copying, but it’s something we’re working on, so here it is. 🙂


  5. I know what you mean about worrying about getting accused of copying, Amanda! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that sometimes!

    1. Cait, I seriously hesitated before publishing. I think people feel such a strong connection to YHL (and other blogs), so their readers get defensive, when really, this is what we’re doing and who we are. I would feel I am altering who I am and what I do if I didn’t share because I’m ‘coping’ another blog. Also, I think John and Sherry genuinely love that they inspire people, so even if I did create a gallery wall because of theirs, I think they would approve. That’s why we blog, to share our stories and perhaps inspire others. 🙂 I’m going to do what I want, even if it’s been done before, because I like it, and you should, too! 🙂

  6. Oh it’s the one design thing on my mind lately! I have a lot of art, but I’m lacking in frames/proper mounting. I would much prefer a gallery wall to one picture getting that space to itself, but alas I must settle for now. Also seems like there’s little point since we’re moving in three months. Perhaps I should just wait until then and concentrate on framing options for now…

    Any fantastic (inexpensive) framing ideas?

    1. Hi Laura,

      I totally agree, I like a collection rather than one large piece (in certain areas, everywhere would be too much). I buy mismatched frames from thrift stores and spray paint them. It also works to raid family members extra frame collection. For mats, I buy large sheets of mat board and cut the mats myself. Sure they don’t have the bevel, but it’s cheaper! And, scour craft stores with coupons and sales. Michael’s has a pack of frames for $20.00 but with the 50%…

      Hope it helps!

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Your gallery wall looks great, too! It’s so nice that the art has special meaning to you.


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