Gimme a Giveaway: Jamie Mari Winner

If I had to choose a rainy place to visit, I’d love to see Seattle, Portland or Niagara Falls.  Of course, all three would be great!  The winner of a Jamie Mari umbrella painting, number six, Maggie, would love to visit London or Seattle (she also follows us on Facebook).  Congrats, Maggie!  Enjoy your rainy day painting!

On a completely unrelated note, have you seen today’s post at Under the Sycamore?  I know we, and I’m sure many others, get caught up in our own lives, focusing on what we want.  While others all around the world can’t focus on wants, only needs.  I’ve never had to worry if I’ll be able to feed my kids, buy them clothes, send them to school or the doctor.  Sadly, so many people have these worries.  And we can do something to help, by sponsoring a child.  Ashley linked to Compassion International, but there are several other great organizations like Children International, Child Fund, World Vision to name a few.   Or, you can choose to buy items where part (or all) of the proceeds to go to a cause.  Etsy has a ton, just search ‘Japan Disaster Relief’ or another recent event.  Heck, even when you buy stamps, you can select stamps with a cause, like Adopt a Shelter Pet or Breast Cancer Awareness.  Of course, you can choose to give to any organization you are passionate about.  Which is why I’ve decided, if we win the $5000 prize, we will donate part of that money to an undecided organization.  We’d love to hear your suggestions!  Sorry to leave you with such a heavy message on a Friday, but I’ve been thinking about this all morning.

2 thoughts on “Gimme a Giveaway: Jamie Mari Winner

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us today. I have to admit, I generally don’t get involved in voting stuff, but after reading your post you won me over yet again! I’m happy to report my decision was based solely of todays post and your generous commitment to donate a portion of the winnings and not the possibility of a pillow give away. Although I do love a good freebie. Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of fun and lots of sun!

    1. Aww, thank you Jenn! We would only give a pillow away as a thank you to our readers for voting if we get in the top ten. The decision to give part of the $5000 away (if we win) was most definitely not to get your votes, rather a decision to help others in need. We would definitely want to do some good with it, (besides a kitchen for ourselves), but we don’t know exactly where yet. Maybe sponsoring a child? Have any readers sponsored a child? If so, what organization have you used and did you like it? Any suggestions are welcome. Again, thank you for your votes. Of course, if you want to pass this info along to your family and friends, we would appreciate their votes, too. Thank you all so much for your support!! It truly is amazing!


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