Morning Glory

Because I’m typing this, you can’t sense the sarcasm in that title.  This morning is not very glorious.  Do you want to see what I woke up to?  Now that I baited you with sarcasm?


Up to 6 inches in areas!  While I fully understand that I do not live in the tropics and flurries are bound to fly, I can’t help but be annoyed with Mother Nature.  Seriously, does she know it is the middle of April?  I doubt she pays taxes, so she might not grasp time frames.  I probably wouldn’t be as annoyed if Mother hadn’t baited me with temps in or near the 70’s.  Or if Ben were working today, squashing our plans to get some building done.  This manic-depressive weather is driving me crazy.  And, if she’s depressed, can it please rain, not snow?  From now until we have temps in the 70’s I shall refer to her as evil step-mother nature.  We may or may not have this same discussion when our weather is consistently hovering around 100 with no chance of rain.

Rant over.  Moral of the story.  I dislike snow in April, I don’t care how pretty it looks. I need something to brighten my day.  So, Ben and I sorted through our clothes while V and E dressed up in some of Ben’s ridiculous hats. 

No, the hats were not part of Halloween costumes.

To make organizing more fun, Ben got in on the dress up action.  First he threw on a cowboy hat, sleeve guards, and a holster à la John Wayne.

After fulfilling his cowboy duties, he became a cop, a la Reno 911’s Jim Dangle.

Yeah, we had some fun this morning.  And, Mr. Packrat actually got rid of a lot of stuff, but we’ll share that later.

What makes you happy?  Checking a project off your list?  Lazy days spent watching movies?  Have you seen Morning Glory?  Serious crush developing on Patrick Wilson.  Anyone else?  Who is your celeb crush?  Along with my new found fondness for Patrick Wilson, I really love Dermot Mulroney.  Have you seen The Family Stone?  His name is Everett, where we first heard the name and loved it so much, two years later, we gave the name to our baby boy.  True story.  Were you named after anyone?

18 thoughts on “Morning Glory

  1. HAHAHAHAH! Does he know you posted the pic in the shorts? That is so funny. Thanks for the giggle at work. Sorry about the snow, we keep getting rain- IT WON’T STOP!

    1. Hi Kacee,

      Yeah, I asked him before I posted them. He is a good sport about embarrassing pics, so its all good. Actually, it was his idea to dress up like Reno 911 to mock his brother that is a cop. 🙂 At least you have rain…

      Happy Tuesday!

  2. hahahaha… I can’t stop laughing! Mainly because my hubby wants to dress up as Jim Dangle for halloween! Sorry about the snow… but at least you had a good time with the family laughing. 🙂

  3. I love the shorty short pics!!! How awesome it is that he is cool with it. Such a fun way to spend such a blah morning. Those are the memories lives are made of.

  4. yuck the so sucks!!! Ok I feel bad about complaining about rain a few weeks back. Right now were enjoying cool breezy weather, and i’m loving it. My new morning routine is get up early and open the living room windows and listen to birds chirping outside. But once June rolls around it will be 100+ every days until mid Sept.

    looks like you had a fun morning with you boys:)

    1. Kathy, Glad you go a laugh! That would be a great costume! I wish we went to Halloween parties, Ben would be set. But that might mean I have to dress like another Reno 911 character…

      Nancy, I love that Ben is okay with it. We were at a wedding a few months ago and Ben was dancing up a storm. People kept asking how drunk he was. The funny part? He had one sip of champagne the entire night. 🙂 He’s just that strangely awesome.

  5. Really funny pictures and like Nancy already wrote: “Those are the memories lives made of.” So for this reason there could be more snowy days in April. Besides this in Germany we are enjoying warmly 24°C (=> 75,2°F) and a lot of sun. And thats definitely not the typical rainy, windy April wheather. So thats why I enjoy it as much as I can…

  6. Best. Post. Ever!
    I love checking projects off my to-do list. I have so many things to accomplish in so little time that every little task is a victory. Winning!

  7. Whoa! Nice legs! That’s hysterical.

    I wasn’t named after anyone, but my mom had the misfortune (according to her) to be named for a famous female reporter, Nellie Bly. My grandmother even had a book about her that she gave to mom when she was a girl.

  8. Those pics are too funny!!!

    The high here yesterday was…. wait for it… 93 (and 95 on Monday). I’m not sure that was a full-on brag because we’ll be in the mid 90’s until June and then up into the 100’s until September when we’ll be back to 90’s until Halloween. That’s Texas for ya!

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