A (Nearly) Finished Office

Has the suspense built enough?  Are you anxiously awaiting the reveal of my office cabinets?  Well, just a minute, let’s reminisce, shall we?  Last spring, my office looked like this:

Almost finished, just needed drawers and cabinet doors.  Over the summer, Ben made cabinet doors.  We waited, and waited, and procrastinated, and waited some more until several months had passed.  Then, a month ago, Ben installed the drawers in my office, filling the gaping hole to the left of my desk.

Now, after several painting sessions, we were ready to install the cabinet doors.  Adding the hinges was simple enough.  Ben drilled a hole for the hidden hinge to rest in, then screwed it in place.

After securing the hinges to the door, Ben hung the doors on the cabinet.  After a few adjustments, finally, the other huge void in my heart my office has been filled, by cabinet doors.

We used the same design as the theater room and added modern cylinder handles from Home Depot for $20.00 for 10.  Here’s a tip, make your own hardware template by measuring the distance from the top and sides of your cabinet.  Mark on a scrap of paper, then measure and mark the holes for the handle.  Poke holes to easily transfer the screw placement to each door.  I made a set for a left and right side.

This little piece of paper will save time while keeping the placement consistent on each door.


To make the space even more functional, we’ve added a few extra features.  Like this closet rod to store my packing paper.

I want to add a hook or two to the right, in front of the paper to hang a reusable shopping bag to corral outgoing mail.

Also on the list, adding a pull out shelf above the computer tower to get the printer off the work surface and clear the clutter.

For a dose of fun, I would love to paint the shelf a poppy color, like the pull out shelf in Yellow Brick Home’s amazing media wall.

Fun, right?  You know what else is fun?  Finally organizing the cabinets.  While I was tearing my office apart, I decided to rearrange my shelves.

I found a cute drawing on Pinterest, so I printed it and popped it in an IKEA frame.  It says, “I want a boy who will build me bookshelves.”  A perfect fit for me and Ben as that is one of the traits I love about him, his handiness.  One of my globes moved down a shelf and I added a vase to corral paint swatches.

It is amazing how much brighter the room feels by covering the shadowed cabinets with crisp white doors.  If you follow us on Facebook, you know I’ve been painting.  Any guesses on what?  With nice weather comes painting, lots of it.  Even though I detest painting, I’ll be happy to have it done.  What is your least favorite home improvement task?

P.S.  We’re still looking for your questions for us.  Anything you want to know, and, it doesn’t have to be home related.  It’s going to be a lame Q and A if we only have three questions.  *Smile*

18 thoughts on “A (Nearly) Finished Office

  1. You did it agin! Looks lovely! That Ben sure is a handy-man! 🙂

    QUESTION: Could you please tell us how you created the top shelf in your newly redone bathroom downstairs? Love the deer by the way! Cuteness all over them.

    I loved the “stacked” look of the top rail.

    Also, where do you come up with these wonderful ideas? Keep up the good work.

  2. Love the doors! Great job as always!
    My questions are: 1) if there was one thing you could change about your house (that is physically impossible for you to do), what would it be? 2) how did you and Ben meet? 3) will you have any more adorable kiddos in the future? A little princess perhaps? 😉

  3. I have a question. Do you still love the board and batten in your house? Is it a pain to clean? Does it collect a lot of dust? I think it’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to move and put it in a future house. I’m going to be using your tutorial on how to make a stacked shelf with trim (like in your bathroom, which also looks amazing btw) in the future too. And when I say, I mean my husband. LOL

    1. Hey Karrie,

      I do love the board and batten. Of all the trim in our house, it is the easiest to keep clean because most is vertical, so you’re just cleaning baseboards and the top rail or shelf. If you’re concerned about cleaning (mostly dusting), keep the majority of your boards vertical. My office, the theater room, and our master suite are the most difficult to keep clean. I love the shelf trim, too, just make sure your shelf is deep enough to accommodate what you want it to hold.

      Hope it helps!

  4. Can i please make a suggestion? I love your blog and read it all the time but one thing that is really frustrating is the pictures are always really big. Its just very hard to get the whole idea of what your creating when the photo doesnt fit on my computer screen. I can only look at half of it at a time then scroll down to look at the bottom half. I think sometimes less is more. i hope i dont offend you i just want to give you a little something i see :0)

    1. Hi Mary,

      You definitely didn’t offend me. I have heard the same problem before, but I thought I made changes that fixed that. I’ll have to play around with the sizing. Is anyone else still having this issue? Also, Mary, are you reading through Google Reader or directly on the blog?

      Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Looks great Amanda! Your so lucky to have such a helpful and handy husband?

    My questions: What does your husband do for a living? How do you accomplish so much and have time to blog with two kiddos? I would love to know your secret! Thanks!

  6. Where did you get your couch? I love the blue and white pillows by the way, I have a hard time finding that color of blue fabric, it’s always navy or aqua.

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Our couch came from HOM furniture. We don’t have one in Montana, but we bought it in Minnesota. Sorry, that might not be much help. The blue and white fabric came from Hancock Fabrics several years ago, its an outdoor fabric. Our Joann has a great selection of duck egg blue fabrics, maybe give them a try. 🙂


  7. Your office looks fabulous! Question…what is on the wall between the upper cabinets and your desk? Looks as though it’s magnetic? Or maybe not! Just curious because we have a long unused wall above a counter top that I would someday like to display kids artwork and such. Thanks!

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