So, Tell Us

For the past year, we’ve been blabbing about ourselves.

We want to know more about you, if you wouldn’t mind sharing.  Maybe you can take a minute or two to answer a few questions?  Next week, we’ll recap the answers, just for fun.

1.  The basics: you gender, age, marital status, if you have kids and/or pets?  Where do you live?  A fine city in the United States or an international destination?

2.  How often do you read Our Humble A{Bowe}d?  Do you subscribe to read?  Or follow through Google reader or right here on

3.  How many other blogs do you read?  What type?  Home improvement, cooking, photography?  Please share your favorites.  If you have a blog, please share a link.

4.  What can we do to make this blog better?  We recently changed our picture size to allow for quicker loading and easier viewing.  Anything else?  Want to see more or less of something?  Do you have a series idea?

5.  Share a random fact or funny thing that makes you tick.  Anything about you.

53 thoughts on “So, Tell Us

  1. 1. 32 year old female, married, 2 boys (3 & 5 yo), a dog and a cat. I live outside of Philadelphia, PA.

    2. Google Reader

    3. Gosh, I don’t know. 15-20. Mostly parenting and home improvement blogs.

    4. I like your blog just as it is! 🙂 Seriously!

    5. Birds scare me. But I like them when it comes to decorating A LOT! Is that weird?

  2. 1. 28 year old woman, married, 16 month old twin daughters, two dogs. I live in Greenville, NC.

    2. Reader and I’ve subscribed.

    3. My blog roll is about 30 deep right now. Home improvement, parenting, and twin parenting.

    4. One where your husband comes and fixes my house up? Besides that, I’m pretty satisfied. 😉

    5. I love Coach purses and expensive beer, but balk at spending more than $7 on mascara or $19.99 on shoes. Issues…

  3. 1. I’m 40-year-old work from home mom (yikes, did I just say that). I live in Columbus, OH, with my husband, two kids, and our bichon puppy.

    2. I get the posts delivered to my email. I also sometimes read the blog through Flipboard in my iPad. I then go to the website if I want to read the comments or comment myself.

    3. My favs are Apartment Therapy, Jen loves Kev, Our Little Beehive, and Housetweaking. I also sometimes click on comment links and try to leave a comment if I see a new blogger who doesn’t get a lot of comments.

    4. I especially love the DIY building projects you do, no suggestions, just keep doing what you do!

    5. I’m a Canadian and new(ish) US citizen. My son was born in Australia when we lived there. I think that’s cool.

  4. 1. I am a 29 year old female, married to the man of my dreams with one wonderful dog! We currently live in Lexington, KY but are relocating to Cincinnati, OH in a couple of weeks.
    2. I stay up to date on all things Humble A{bowe}d through my Google Reader, and also subscribe/follow on your site.
    3. Um. I’m embarrassed to say. A lot – maybe 50 or so? Most on home decorating/diy/crafting – some on marriage, or Christianity. I do have a blog!! Please do check it out! 🙂
    4. Your blog is one of the first that I started following, and has remained one of my top 5 favorites! Seriously. I’m not just trying to flatter you – I love it!
    5. Uh. I’ll get back to you on this one. 😉

  5. 1. 26 years old, married with a fur baby (our cat Woods). I live in St. Louis MO currently.

    2. Google Reader.

    3. My blog roll is quite long–around 50-100 that I check on every few days. Mostly home improvement, food, design, and photography blogs. My blog is

    4. I love your blog as is and can’t wait to see your kitchen reno!

    5. People who randomly and repeatedly click pens while they are thinking. I know it helps them think but it drives me crazy 🙂

  6. I’m a mother of 4- 3 girls and one little boy! I’m 34, married, and live in Las Vegas. We love it here in the desert. I read this blog in Google Reader so I read whatever new posts there are each day. I read over 400 blogs- cooking, photography, home decor, crafty, sewing- lots of variety.
    I blog over at A Make It Yourself Mom’s Diary.
    I’m the third of eleven children. People always ask if I knew I would have such a large family (you know, with four kids) and I just have to laugh. Compared to eleven, four seems pretty small! (and yes, four is my limit)

  7. 1. Female, 24, married, human to Mocha the cockapoo and Pekoe the Very Sophisticated Kitty. We live in Toronto, Ontario in a teensy, urban bungalow.

    2. I follow through Google Reader, which I have open all day every day at work. So, sometimes I read your posts as soon as you post them! I’m a new follower though… Just found you recently!

    3. Lots and lots and lots of other blogs! I bounce all over the blogosphere, mainly focusing on home improvement these days, since we became home owners ourselves, but I also love my cooking blogs. My favourite cooking blog is My favourite home improvement blog changes all the time.

    And then, there’s my blog:

    4. Like I said, I’m a new-ish reader, so I’m still getting to know your blog… no suggestions!

    5. I grew up on a dairy farm. Sometimes, I worry that the longer I live in the city, the more I’m going to forget what it was like to grow up with so much space between you and the next person!

    1. Oh, your comments are so fun to read! I love that we get to know you through this. 🙂 And, we’re discovering new blogs!! Yay!

  8. 23, female, married, 2 dogs (they are my children!). Cary, NC

    Follow via Facebook

    It varies, probably about 10ish. If it starts to change topic I may stop reading. Home Improvement/Newlywed

    Where did you get the white pendant light above the dining table? Where do you think the best adivce is to learn how to tackle projects (step-by-step how to, videos, etc)?

    I can’t stand the taste of water straight from the tap. I am a multitasker…. which is why I have so many projects going at once…

    1. Hi Monica,

      The pendant above our dining table is the Eden pendant by CB2 We love it, and for the price, it is fantastic. Though, Ben did hardwire it, because it comes as a plug in… As for learning how to tackle projects, Ben already has a lot of knowledge, but when we haven’t done something, we just do internet research. Ben usually reads about a million articles, just to find any discrepancies between the process or outcome. I am more visual, so I find picture and/or video tutorials the most helpful. Of course, if you can watch someone you know do something and pick their brain, that is immensely helpful.

      Thanks for answering and asking!!

  9. 1. I am a 36 year old female architect, married to an architect. No kids (yet) or pets (yet). My husband and I are in the process of renovating a 1930’s home in Charleston, SC.

    2. I read Our Humble A{Bowe}d daily, sometimes multiple times! I subscribe.

    3. I have 4 other blogs that I read on a daily basis. Mostly home improvement/design. My faves are Young House Love, You Are the River, and most recently Little Glass Box & Nest Design Studio. I have a blog, but it’s really just a personal diary, mostly of our house projects, with family/friend events thrown in here and there. I’m not a writer, but I like to keep my family informed.

    4. Your blog is awesome the way it is!

    5. I love live music, but I can’t play a single instrument. I am seriously addicted to going to shows/concerts, and now that I mention it, those are the other blogs I read regularly, with daytrotter being my favorite.

  10. 1. I’m 25, married with 1 pitbull. I live outside of St. Louis, MO.

    2. I read every time you update and I follow you through Google Reader.

    3. Over 100? I read a lot of event planning, food blogs, travel blogs, diy/craft blogs, and home improvement blogs.
    Favorites- Centsational Girl, Young House Love, Hostess with the Mostess, The CSI Project, Bower Power, Iheartorganizing
    My Blog- where I blog about travel inspirations and plans

    4. I actually love it all but I really love it when I see a mood board.

    5. I make a mean homemade pizza.

  11. 1. Female, 36, married, two stepsons, two cats, Waco, TX

    2. I read new posts through Google Reader.

    3. Oh, hundreds. Seriously. I have two separate Google Reader accounts for the ones I read for my job and the ones I read for pleasure. So I read a ton of library/higher education/academic tech blogs for work and I read a ton of my friends’ personal blogs, home improvement/design blogs, parenting blogs, recipe blogs, photography blogs, interesting linky blogs (i.e. for example), web comics and news blogs… I’ve been blogging in one form or another since 2002, so I’ve been around the blogsphere for a while. My most recent undertaking is our home renovation blog, “Building Our Nest” –

    4. I’ve only been reading your blog for a few weeks now, so far, so good! I love the DIY stuff, the outdoor landscaping stuff (since we’re doing that right now) and the kitchen planning, since hopefully, one day we will tackle our kitchen. Oh, and I love the Etsy shop recommendations!

    5. I had an Etsy wedding – got my dress, my sister’s dresses (including the fabric for them), our rings, our cupcake tower topper (commissioned via Alchemy), tons of the decor, like the bunting, etc.

  12. 1. female, 27, married, two spoiled rotten dogs (nelson and sly) and a cat who thinks he’s a dog (mow), i live in wichita, kansas!

    2. i read it as often as i can, i work in the architectural world, so our work ebbs and flows a lot and sometimes i’m too busy to read anything, sometimes i’m so slow i can read a lot! i subscribe through google reader.

    3. oh, geez, this is embarrassing, i don’t even know…a lot!?! oh man, i just checked and google reader says 136! (is that a lot?) i mostly follow design (i’m a commercial interior designer), cooking and photography, some friends of mine, some girls i found through a wedding site last year, a few fashion and of course, the pioneer woman! my blog is and i’m kind of boring. hah! i think i’m funny, but my reader list tells me i’m not that funny. 🙂

    4. i love your blog just the way it is! you keep it real while showing us the way you live and work and DIY!

    5. um, i’m married to my complete and total opposite. i’m the intense, creative, colorful, outgoing, bubbly, generally happy designer while he is the laid back, meticulous, slow to react, introverted engineer. we are matched perfectly, no!?!

  13. 1. Female, 25. Married with two greyhounds who have taken over our house. No kids, yet. We live in Vancouver, WA, although I grew up in Portland, OR–where I left my heart. 🙂

    2. I follow you through Google Reader and so read every update!

    3. Oh, gosh. I read too many blogs to mention. All on Google Reader. Favorites are Young House Love, Pioneer Woman, Bower Power, O My Family.

    4. I love your blog–it’s much better than many others out there!

    5. Random thought about me–We’re going to move back into Portland in the next few years, and take my husband’s grandmother with us to live.

    1. Aww, thank you all for you kind words in response to question four. We’re blushing. We have such fantastic readers. And I’m not trying to flatter you. Seriously, you make my day when I see such sweet comments. 🙂

      Virtual smooches to all of you. 🙂

  14. *I am a 30-year-old newlywed living in Moscow, Idaho. No pets, no kids…. but we want both and are excited for the future.

    *I follow you on WordPress, and your page is bookmarked. I check in daily and have a link to you on my blog as well. I read probably 15 blogs a day, including Design*Sponge, Aunt Peaches, A Nest for All Seasons… and yours of course. PS: Here’s mine:

    *I think your blog is great. If I was going to change anything, I would add more tutorials, or practical DIYs.

    *I once won the style award during a competitive watermelon seed spitting contest. That sums me up pretty well 🙂

  15. 1. I am a 27-year old female, married, two kids living in Wisconsin.

    2. I follow you on google reader.

    3. I read follow 10-15 other creative blogs. I love DIY home improvement blogs and interior design blogs.

    4. I think your blog is great! I am interested in your blog because we also have an old (1950’s) ranch that we are trying to fix up and decorate. I’d love to see you show us some “find this look for less” items. You seem to find and/or make furniture and home decor items that are really cheap that look like the pricey designer stuff. I’d love more tips!

  16. Fun!

    1. A girl and her husband, 29 and 30, living with a crazy dog and their 2 cats in Chicago

    2. I rely heavily on my Google Reader, although, it seems as though I’m about 1,000+ behind! Eek.

    3. Almost all the blogs in my Reader are home related, and a few are photography related. I probably have about 100 blogs I “follow,” although truly, I only religiously read less than 20 of them. (Yours included.)

    4. Thank you for changing the photo size!!

    5. I played ice hockey through my teenage years (often times I was the only girl on the team – and I liked it that way! Mwaha!), and if it weren’t for deciding on going into art school, I would have chosen a college based on hockey.

  17. 1. Basics: Female / 43 / in a long-term relationship (16 yrs) / no kids, 2 cats & a fish / Los Angeles Metropolitan area

    2. Read: I follow via Google Reader, whenever there’s an update. Occasionally click through to get a better view of images or view comments.

    3. Blogs: Too many – probably over 100; certainly over 75. General categories are: food/cooking; DIY/craft; visual design; home improvement; museums/arts; comics; productivity/organization; personal blogs; LOLblogs; general news/reads. I have many favorites; this is one of them:

    4. Build a better blog: I’m still relatively new to your blog (referred from Apartment Therapy, 25-Mar), but was drawn in by your home projects. We’re entering a home-improvement phase (after a protracted home-ignorement phase), and I’ve been following for ideas, inspiration, and education. I like before and after photos, but especially appreciate in-progress photos or images that illustrate how you’ve done something. I’ve also never done a “mood board” so have been studying those as well in prep for our (eventual) kitchen remodel. I pretty much ignore the give-away posts.

    5. I’m working to reduce my impact as a consumer of resources/generator of garbage on this planet, typically through small, incremental changes. Some successes, some failures, but always trying to live more mindfully and doing more with less.

  18. 1. 30, single, Chicago, no nothing 🙂

    2. Google Reader.

    3. About 10 other blogs, home improvement, personal finance mostly

    …I don’t really have anything interesting to say for the other questions 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions!

      Hilary, I LOVE your idea for a “Look for Less” series! But, what type of items would you like to see? Anything in particular? Maybe compare some of the TJ Maxx, Ross, thrifty finds to more expensive store versions? Or do you have something that you like from a store, but don’t want to pay so much for that you’d maybe want us to try to make? If you (and any other readers) can give more specifics, I’d definitely love to add something like that. 🙂

      bpod, Do you think we share enough in progress, before and after shots? Or would you like to see more? We definitely try to capture each stage of our process, just to keep everything in perspective and give a visual on how we get from point a to b, but I understand that we know what we did, so we may glaze over certain details. We’re all about improvement (both home and blog), so we’re open to adding more photos, if you want to see more. 🙂

      Kim, I’m honored to be one of your religiously read blogs. You’re also on my daily must read list. And funny, I didn’t really peg you for a hockey player. Haha.


  19. 1. I’m female, 37 and married. He is a physicist and I work from home making animations for an online game (I love my job). We just recently moved to Salisbury, NC (near Charlotte). No kids and six dogs.

    2. Your posts come to my email so I read every single one since subscribing. This is the only blog that I subscribe to via email.

    3. The only other ones I actively follow are the ones who share updates on Facebook, otherwise I forget to check. Too many favorites to mention, but anything with great tutorials always gets my attention.

    4. I think your blog is great as is. At first, I couldn’t find your tutorials (How To’s), but I eventually did and it was worth the wait!

    5. I’m afraid of squirrels and think I give off some kind of mad squirrel vibe that makes them attack me. I’ve been attacked by 4 so far (once inside my own house!) and I avoid them at all cost. A raccoon once stole $50 from me. A duck once knocked me down a flight of stairs. I guess you could say I’m not a wildlife person.

  20. 1. I’m a 24 year old married woman. We don’t have any kids yet, but hopefully we will pretty soon. We live in Southwest (and I mean really Southwest) Missouri, just a few minutes away from Kansas and Oklahoma.
    2. I read your blog by searching it on swagbucks so that I can hopefully gain some money to put toward our new Amazon printer we’re planning to get soon. I’m also subscribed to it, but I use that more as a reference to look and see if you’ve written anything before I swagbuck it.
    3. I only check about five blogs on a regular basis, yours being one of them, the others being Young House Love, Small Notebook, Passionate Homemaking, and Bower Power. I just recently started my own home improvement blog, please feel free to check it out and leave feedback if you want to:
    4. I love your blog the way it is, I wouldn’t be opposed to more pictures though. 🙂
    5. I guess something random about me is how much I love the show “How I Met Your Mother”. I own all the seasons that are out and quote it a little too much sometimes, but it’s just so stinkin’ funny!

  21. 1. I’m a 24 year old female. I’m married to my best friend and we are expecting our first baby in November! We live in the small town of Summerfield, Florida.
    2. I read daily through my RSS feed (at work… hehe).
    3. I read 15 blogs. Most of them are home improvement/decorating/interior design, a few are simple living, and one is personal finance.
    4. My only complaint was the picture size issue, but you fixed that already!
    5. I’m afraid to do anything to my house because I will see another idea I like better in a month. We want to build a house soon and I am terrified to make any decisions because I’m afraid I will hate in a year. I’m my own worst enemy.

  22. 1. I’m 25, married with 2 fur babies and a baby on the way! We live in Clovis California

    2. I have a list of “Home Blogs” that I read so I just scroll through the list as often as I can…generally while working!

    3. I have about 70 blogs I follow, primarily home improvement or friends/family blogs.

    4. I hate to admit this but I didn’t notice a speed change, your site always loaded quickly! I enjoy your blog though, don’t change anything you don’t want to. 🙂

    5. I’m a walking contradiction…hardly wear makeup to work but LOVE makeup. Would rather be in heels or flip flops and play competitive softball, I’ve been known to forget shoes other than cleats and have to wear my heels out to the field in my softball socks. I hate getting stinky and sweating but I spent 3 summers on roofs in Florida rebuilding roofs and doing hurricane disaster relief. And though I’m letting my husband catch up to me, I’m WAY handier than he is. Oh and clearly I can never shut up whether online or in real life! 🙂

  23. 1. A 23 year old female, expecting an engagement ring anytime now! I have two crazy puppies, a yellow lab and a lab/vizsla mix. We live in northern Colorado.

    2. I just started recently reading your blog a few days ago and it was quickly added to my “blogs I enjoy” list 🙂

    3. I’ve been on a blog discovering spree the last few weeks. Right now my list is at about 16 different blogs. Most of them are diy home improvement, several include “confessions”, cooking, quotes, and every day living ideas. Some of my top favorites include Pioneer woman and young house love, it was actually on young house love I discovered you guys!
    My blog is

    4. I’d love to see an “how to” for your graphics you design! I’m in love with them and I enjoy doing similar things on my own time but I’m no where near good as you guys! Because I have recently started reading, I don’t have a good idea yet what I could suggest, other then the fact I love it!

    5. I cannot wait to have my own house to implement all these fantastic ideas I’ve found and make it my own, and have it reflect who I am!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Anne,

      Thank you so much for your idea! I can try to share a graphic how to, but is there a specific graphic you’d like me to share? I’ll try to add it to the list!


  24. 1. The basics: you gender, age, marital status, if you have kids and/or pets? Where do you live? A fine city in the United States or an international destination? I’m 29 (30 this year…YIKES), married, 2 bambinos (4 yo girl, 2 yo boy), 2 cats and 4 chickens. We live in Northern California

    2. I read through my reader whenever you post. I enjoy your ideas and that you are so self sufficient.

    3. I have 126 blogs that I follow on Reader. They span the spectrum: cooking, decorating, home improvement, being a mom, news, fashion…and GARDENING, my fave. I blog at about whatever happens to be on my mind:)

    4. I’m drawn to your blog because you remind me of my family. My husband is very handy and we are constantly making changes to ourspace. I’m looking for design inspiration because I feel like my design ideas aren’t quite fluid in my head. I haven’t been reading for too long, so i dont have any suggestions yet!

    5. If someone asks me how old I am, I almost always answer 23 without thinking. I think that was the last age I really remember before my kids were born!

    1. Hi Dirt Don’t Hurt Mom,

      Thank you so much for your comments! You’re so sweet. I like being self sufficient! That’s such a great compliment. 🙂 Don’t you love having a handy hubby?


  25. I’m 24, married for a little over 2 years, have one fluffy puppy (working on the kids thing :-)), and we live in Western Washington. I grew up in California and moved here because my hubs convinced me it would be awesome… so I’ve put up with a lot of rain and cold weather!

    I follow your blog on my read list and it’s on my blogroll!!!! LOOOVE IT!

    I follow about 25 or 30 blogs (some are family people, others are photography, coupons, and home improvement, DIY blogs, and food blogs) I’m a busy girl, so most of my blog reading time is limited, but the ones I love I keep tabs on regularly! My Blog is at

    I Love Love Love that you guys do a lot of things yourself and take your time with them! I know that improvements take a lot of energy, and I’m one of those people who like to get things done! It’s nice to know that little changes make a big difference and it doesn’t have to be done all at once! OHHH, and let’s not forget that it’s awesome how helpful and supportive your hubby is 🙂

    A random fact about me… I have little patience so when I start a project, it needs to get finished THAT DAY! I will stay up all night if I need to. It’s a problem. 🙂

    1. Ashley L., Thank you so much! I know we’re not for everyone, but I love that we save so much money and do most everything ourselves. And yes, Ben is helpful and supportive, like a good bra. Haha, bad joke. I too have little patience when it comes to projects. Sometimes they take longer than I’d like, but I am always anxious to get something done.


  26. 1. Female, 25, 2 dogs and a hubby, located in Omaha, Nebraska

    2. I read daily, I have you bookmarked and just stop in to see what you are up to.

    3. I read lots and lots of them! We just bought our first house and we’re doing a lot ourselves (it’s a foreclosure that just needs to TLC). I just started a blog:

    4. I like the fun variety of what you post.

    5. Hmm…I picked out the names of our dogs before actually finding them. I was looking for a dog that looked like a Kirby and one that looked like a Lucy. 🙂

  27. 1. Female, 28, married with two dogs. I live in the peach state.

    2. I check for updates daily, I just have you on my favorites list.

    3. Several dozen, mostly home improvement but a few personal ones.

    4. I’m still a new reader but so far so good. Sorry thats not helpful.

    5. I can come up with a random song to sing at you on just about any topic. So I guess annoying people is a hobby of mine.

  28. 1. I’m a 25 year old Canadian girl who has been married for two years. No kids yet, but we have 2 cats…
    2. I get the posts delivered to my email, which is perfect for reading during work hours!
    3. My favs are young house love, bower power, aubrey + lindsay, bryn alexandra
    4. I especially love the art you make & all of your thrifty decor tricks! I also like the thrifting posts or sprucing up thrift store finds.
    5. I know the lyrics to every red hot chili peppers song! haha

  29. 1. I”m 27, married, one sweet border collie, and two foster kids (for now). I”m in Southern Indiana
    2. I’m a google reader reader
    3. I read 20-30, lots on foster parenting, family, infertility, home improvement and church blogs. Mine is here:
    4. I love how you share how you do things, so we are not just looking at your office, but we could take your idea and run with it. I also live with a handyman, and our house has come a long way thanks to him!
    5. Well, I love kids! And when we found out we couldn’t have our own, it was a no brainer for us to take care of other peoples.

  30. 1. I’m 24, married for 3 years, and have two pets – a mixed breed dog and an orange tabby cat. We don’t have any children and aren’t sure if we want to have any. We live in Orlando, Florida.

    2. I subscribe through Google Reader and read every time there is a new post.

    3. I follow tons of blogs…probably an unhealthy amount: 121 is the current count via Google Reader. I don’t get to read every day, so I often have a few posts built up per each blog. Reader allows me to quickly scan and read what I’m interested in though. I have four categories – design (I’m a graphic designer)/art, home, fashion and weddings. My favorite blogs are Young House Love, Oh Hello Friend, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Jen Love Kev, Making It Lovely and Bower Power.

    4. Changing the picture size would have been my recommendation, but I was pleased to see it changed recently! It was difficult to view photos via Google Reader when they were a larger scale. I think you guys are doing a great job. I’ve noticed your shop products have gotten better and better over the past few months too!

    5. I want to be a blogger badly, but I can’t ever plan out the time to get started or blog regularly!

  31. 1. I’m 25, single(well, unmarried rather), and I don’t have kids but I do have four ferrets and two rabbits plus the occasional foster animal.

    2. I subscribe through Google Reader and probably read your posts every time one pops up.

    3. According to Google Reader, I subscribe to 156 blogs. I recently went through and deleted all of the ones that haven’t updated in 2011, so the number was even higher before. I’m 1000+ posts behind though. I read a LOT of home blogs, plus some on cooking/baking, crafts, animal rescue, fitness, and general lifestyle blogs. Some of my favorites(besides you guys) are Rocket City Digs, Young House Love, Yellow Brick Home, Two Pitties in the City, The Inspired Room, and You are my Fave. You can find me at

    4. I don’t have a suggestion, so I’ll make a comment. What I love about your blog is how it shows that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and completely overhaul a room to really improve it. I think the way you guys take on projects that aren’t necessarily big but make a big difference is great.

    5.I turn into a total kid around animals(or the idea of them). I just love them, and whether it’s bears, goats, or dogs, I instantly turn into a baby talking crazy lady.

  32. 1. Female, 25, married, no kids, one dog- Harley, Chattanooga, TN
    2. I subscribe through Google Reader, but open it in a new tab to actually read.
    3. I read lots of other blogs- home improvement, DIY, family stuff mostly. My blog is
    4. Whatever you post about is fine. I feel stalker-ish to like so many blogs of people I don’t know, but I love “getting to know” other families! Keep on keeping on!

  33. 1. Female, 24, married, no kids, 2 cats. We live in central New Jersey.

    2. I read it every day and follow through my Google Reader (the best idea ever).

    3. I read about 80+ blogs and that grows almost every day. Well, I don’t necessarily read them all each day but I pretty much read everything that comes up on my Reader. I love all types of home improvement and DIY blogs, but I am mostly attracted to the practical day-to-day home blogs that I can relate to. It is nice to look at the higher end ones too every now and then, ya know to have something to strive for.

    My blog is My So-Called Home,

    4. I think you’re doing a great job and what I think everyone wants to see is just home related posts. When I’m looking at new blogs the first thing I look for is a Tour page and what kind of projects they’ve done. You guys pretty much have that covered so keep up the good work!

    5. Hmm this is tough. I adore Sarah Richardson. That’s all I can come up with off the top of my head!

  34. @ourhumbleabowed wrote:
    “bpod, Do you think we share enough in progress, before and after shots? Or would you like to see more? ”

    I think you do post enough photos and appreciate your attentiveness in capturing different views (close-up, long shots for context, different angles, images augmented with text or illustrations to highlight specific areas, etc.). If anything, I sometimes think there are occasionally more images than necessary to get your point across. For example, the five “after” photos of your paint-stirrer sunburst mirror (nifty!) probably could have been edited down to 3 shots: detail, long shot for context, alternate lighting to show different colors in the sticks. HOWEVER, I hesitate to even mention that as my preference is definitely for more shots than necessary instead of too few.

    I also neglected to mention how much I enjoy reading about your projects; so inspiring 🙂

    Paraphrasing A. Einstein: “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

    1. Thanks for the info, bpod! I understand the photo overload, but I agree that more is better than too few. And thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂

  35. 1. 24, female, married, 1 boy (15 months), 2 dogs, Fort Worth, Texas

    2. I read whenever there is a new post. I subscribe and follow through Google reader.

    3. I read TOO MANY blogs. I started with home decor blogs and moved to sewing blogs. On the way I ran into a few cookie decorating/religious/running blogs I love. My blog is A Nest in the Making. Cooking blos sound like a good idea though!

    4. I really enjoy your blog. I think, because I read so many blogs (not necessarily daily, but fairly regularly), I am less critical or suggestive. Your blog fits a need not met by the other ones I follow, but I can’t say just what that need is. I like you. 🙂

    5. I’m a super-over-organized accountant. Like bad organized. Like fold your sons underwear organized. I also keep my staplers/stamps/tape/scissors locked in my desk drawer. The stapler came with me from my last job and I LOVE it. They had a new stapler for me when I started here and I said “no thanks.” I really like office supplies.

  36. 1. Female, 28, married, 2 dogs & 1 cat, no kids. We live in Sacramento, CA right now. My husband is military so we move across country every couple years and have to stick to “quick” updates on each home. Anything that takes many years to complete isn’t reasonable with this lifestyle

    2. I subscribe via Google Reader, so I read your posts within a few days of when they’re published, depending how busy work is

    3. I subscribe to about 150 blogs, but many don’t post regularly, and some are defunct. Mostly home improvement or nail polish/beauty blogs

    4. I really like your blog & writing style. I really enjoy before & afters, but it’s not reasonable to re-do rooms on a very regular basis.

  37. 1. Female, 3…something, married, one cat, no kids yet, Phoenicia, NY,

    2. I subscribe on google, bookmark and email. I read your post almost every day, unless I’m super busy.

    3. I follow many blogs, not sure how many, but bookmark only those I really enjoy.

    4. I love this blog. You have great taste and I love your style. Be careful not write too many sponsored posts, I tend to stop reading when adds take over my favorite blogs.

  38. 1. Female, 26, married 3 years, no kids yet, Nashville, TN

    2. I read maybe once a week-ish. Don’t subscribe.

    3. I follow about 10-15 blogs. Most are home improvement type blogs…like YHL, Bower Power..

    4. I like the smaller photo size. I would like to enter your giveaways without becoming a subscriber. That’s my main beef with this blog 🙂 I may just be in blog addiction denial, but I refuse to subscribe to blogs.

  39. 1. female, 26, married with a dog in chicago 🙂 no kids, yet.

    2. i read it through my google reader, which I’m on everyday…so probably every time you post, or get caught up a couple times a week

    3. i read too many blogs – i can’t keep up! i probably have about 90 on my reader – a lot of home design/diy, quite a few cooking/baking and a couple photography.i started blogging this year at

    4. nothing i can think of!

    5. i can’t stand time left on the microwave. and toilet paper has to be in the over position, or i will change it, even at someone else’s house.

  40. Hello 🙂
    A bit about little old me? Sure!
    I’m female, 27, not married but living with my boyfriend (hopefully soon to be fiance!). We have 2 cats, but no kids (gotta get that ring!). I’m from South Africa.
    I’m reading mostly through Google reader, so I read whenever you post something new.
    I read *a lot* of blogs. Everthing from cartoons and comics, other DIY, lots of cooking. Some photograph, some general. My website is linked though my name 🙂
    I’m a new reader so there aren’t any improvements of suggestions I can make at the moment!

  41. 1. Female, mid twenties, married, Boxer named Tanner, SJ Bay Area CA

    2. At least 3x wk, not yet subscribed (only found you guys about a month ago!)

    3. Lots, home improvement & DIY mostly

    4. No complaints!

    5. I have thing for Coca-cola memorabilia 🙂

  42. 1. Female, 25 year old, married with 2 cats and no kids. I live in Maryland outside Washington DC.

    2. I read it once a week through Google Reader.

    3. I read almost 60 blogs including decorating blogs, cooking blogs, coupon blogs, and blogs run by people I know in real life. I don’t have a blog myself.

    4. Posting more pictures would make your blog better. And a floorplan of your home. A good series would be thrifted items and how you made them work for you.

    5. Random fact: I have never broken a bone!

  43. 1. The basics: you gender, age, marital status, if you have kids and/or pets? Where do you live? A fine city in the United States or an international destination?

    Female – 37 – married – 4 kids of the four-legged variety (2 cats, 2 dogs), Denton TX

    2. How often do you read Our Humble A{Bowe}d? Do you subscribe to read? Or follow through Google reader or right here on

    Read it about once-a-week. I have you guys on my favorites so i just visit your site when I get a free moment.

    3. How many other blogs do you read? What type? Home improvement, cooking, photography? Please share your favorites. If you have a blog, please share a link.

    Favorite Blogs — (sewing blog) (home improvement/DIY/whatever-life-happens-to-throw-their-way blog) (a crafting blog) (a home improvement/decorating/DIY blog)

    4. What can we do to make this blog better? We recently changed our picture size to allow for quicker loading and easier viewing. Anything else? Want to see more or less of something? Do you have a series idea?
    Nothing comes to mind… y’all do a terrif job!

    5. Share a random fact or funny thing that makes you tick. Anything about you.
    I have the hardest to fit feet in the entire world… I wear a 5 1/2 WIDE. They are basically squares.

  44. 1. Female… 28 and married! I have 6 awesome children… the two legged ones are Gunner, he just turned 6 and Layken who just turned 8 months two days ago (tears… it happens so fast!)
    Now for the four legged ones… All Boxers: Bella a reverse brindle, age 4 (with a litter of 7 beautiful babies at the moment=), Bayley a reverse brindle (Bella’s daughter), age 1, Tucker a dark brindle age 1.5, and Remington, a reverse brindle (also Bella’s daughter), age 3.5 weeks old!!! Love them all, two legs or four!
    2. I’m a new follower, I’m about a month old. I follow through blogger and usually catch your posts as soon as them come out. No clue on how I missed the original “ask your readers” post. Google reader makes me nervous and I don’t know what word press is. Fairly new to the blogging world, although it’s my new love… can’t get enough.
    3. Um, I’m scared to admit… kind of a lot. Blogs have taken over my book reading time. Blogs are kind of like my drug… other than chapstick! **clairication… I’ve never done drugs, just sayin** Probably 75 blogs. I prefer home improvement and photography. Photography is newer on my list, since the hott hubby got ma a Canon T2i that just melts my heart.. Oh, and my blog is
    4. I’m very content with you blog.
    5. I’m addicted to chapstick. I have to shave my legs every time I get in the shower… what a waist of shave gel when some days 2 showers are necessary. I go out of my way to hit up McDonald’s for a sweet tea. My Tupperware insulated tumbler is constantly affixed to my hand… try one, you will love how long the ice lasts. Ever since I was little I wanted to live on my own… highschool was torture because it was holding me back from getting a house and having a full time job. I moved out 2 months after graduation and was the first in my ‘class of 2001’ to buy a house; we did in 2003, and yes, I’m very proud of that! Music is also an addiction, and I own no ipod or fancy phones… still keeping it real with the cd’s in the jeep, it holds 11 discs ya know! lol! Ok, is that enough??

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