Blog Fest: Gimme a Giveaway Winner

It’s the simple things in life that make you happy, right?  What makes us happy?  Our adorable, funny and smart kiddos.  Seriously, the things they like and come up with always crack me up.  Vincent loves “water compressioners” formerly known as a pressure washer.  And he asks every person to walk through our front door if they want to see our new washer and dryer.  Crazy kid, huh?  And Everett loves when the smoke alarm beeps.  In fact, he’ll crawl and plop himself under the alarm and point and grunt until someone beeps it, either real or fake.  Ben has started fake beeping our lights, too, so he wants those beeped.  He’s a one track mind.

Something else that makes us happy?  Checking things off our to do list.  Isn’t that an oddly gratifying task?  I bet we’re going to make one lucky winner happy today, too.  Drumroll…


number 156, Arik.  In addition to long walks on the beach, chocolate covered strawberries, and sipping Mai Thais, Arik likes hanging out in his house with his special lady.  Congrats, Arik!  Enjoy your new art package.  Happy weekend to the rest of you, too.

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