Shopping Trip

Warm weather makes me want to get out of the house, whether for a walk, watching V play at the park or shopping.  Of course, this is about shopping, because you probably don’t want to read about our walk or trip to the playground.  World Market sent me a postcard for $20 off a purchase of $20 or more, as a birthday gift.  How thoughtful, seeing as we barely know each other.  Anyway, the boys and I strolled over to World Market, postcard in purse hand.  Here’s what caught my eye.  The Josephine Desk for $199.99.  The design is classic and simple, but I know Ben could build something for less than 200 bucks.  This desk would also look great as an entry table.

This industrial chic dining chair for $109.99.  They also have a coordinating backless barstool.  I don’t think Ben would go for an industrial style, though.  Oddly enough, the man doesn’t like the manly look.  No, he’s not gay.  Haha.

We walked out of World Market with two green Velvet Toss pillows and a bag of chocolate pennies.

It was a toss-up between the green and Moroccan blue, but I think the blue was too similar to the pillows we already have.

And the yellow-green is the perfect spring color.  It reminds me of the first leaves after winter.

After WM, we walked over to Ross.  These lamps are great, especially for $29.99 each, shade included.  Am I the only one who thinks anything more than $30 is too much for a lamp?

My sisters just came out for a visit and we took a trip to Ross to find lamps.  Ash and I saw an awesome set for $45 each, but she didn’t know if her boyfriend would.  Upon his approval, she bought these:

When she brought them in the house,with all seriousness, Vincent said, “Oh my gosh!  Those are incredible!”  Can you tell he shops with decor loving parents?

I’ve been looking for a table to sit over the theater room sub woofer, which is smarter than your average bear (name that cartoon) taller than the average table, with little luck.  Every cheap table is just that, cheap.  I like the style of this table, but I think Ben would like to build something sturdier, even if it is $29.99.

Lastly, we dropped by Bed Bath & Beyond.  This pillow would be fun to duplicate.  If you think I’m cheap because I don’t want to spend more than $30 on a lamp, you know I’m too cheap to buy a $29.99 pillow.  At least I can’t make the lamp.

Josephine desk: $199.99

Industrial chair: $109.99

Ceramic lamps with shades: $29.99

Side table: $29.99

Textured pillow: $29.99

Mr. Ev with Mrs. Meyers: Priceless.


We’ve never used Mrs. Meyers’ laundry soap, so Vincent picked out a trial bottle for $1.99.  Then, Ev wanted it and wouldn’t let go.  Silly boy.

We love Ross for their deals on rugs, bedding, and housewares.  We’ve snagged a few friends from World Market and got a smokin’ deal on our dining chairs.

Have you seen new items that made your heart pitter patter?  Do you have a price your unwilling to go over for certain items?  Do you use Mrs. Meyers stuff to clean your abode?  Maybe you have kids who prefer strange items over toys?

12 thoughts on “Shopping Trip

  1. BB&B always has discount coupons. I think based on YHL reading, they also accept expired ones. Sometimes I get some good ones like $10 off, etc!

  2. I love Mrs. Meyers–we use the lavender scent all purpose cleaner and counter spray (actually I made my own counter spray using the all purpose spray since the bottle of counter spray said you could refill it with all purpose–instead of buying counter spray and then refilling, I just made my own 🙂

    The stuff smells so good you almost want to clean every surface in your house. Almost.

  3. I’m totally with you on not spending more than $30 on a lamp, and I have a really hard time being willing to spend more than $10 on a pillow, sometimes I can convince myself to spend $15, I’m just super cheap I guess, but it works for me and I’m pretty happy with the lamps and pillows I do have. I do love those ones from Ross though!

    1. Nora, I get the $5 off 25 or more, but that’s not a great incentive… I’ll have to keep an eye out for better ones. 🙂

      KT, I love the lavender stuff! We have the window spray and I love using it. I have some of the snap pea all purpose cleaner, but I can’t stand the smell of it. How did you make your own cleaner? I’d love to know your recipe, especially if it smells as good!!

      Audra, I have a hard time buying pillows, too. These were free to me, but yeah, anything over 10 bucks is not jumping in our cart. Glad to know I’m not alone. 🙂

  4. did you know that world market has great coupons in the Entertainment book? when you have school age kids, *someone* is going to have to sell them for something! World Market had 4 coupons in ours ($50 off $200, $25 off 100, etc.), and we got a studio day sofa for the kids’ area. I don’t like to make large purchases unless we have a coupon!

    I love that little white desk–I have something similar, and it’s a classic, something that will always be useful in some room.

  5. I LOOOOOVE World Market (and their rewards program)!! Seeing as the nearest Ikea is 8 hours away from here, I’ll stick to the World Market furniture. 🙂

  6. I’m right there with you – I always aim for less then $30 when shopping for accessories.

    Unfortunately I don’t live close to World Market or Ross. I’d love to have those stores to open up around here.

  7. I also definitely don’t spend more than $30 on a table lamp or more than $10-15 on a pillow. One of my favorite table lamps I found at a garage sale for $2, glossy white base with a big white drum lampshade. Score!

    1. Kate, isn’t that the best? I love getting a great deal, like the mirror in our living room was $5 at a garage sale! Wahoo!

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