Bathroom Business

Not that kind of business, though.  We’ve managed to cross another item off our to do list.  You’ve seen our new cabinet doors and my office drawers.  The office drawers took a little longer to install than planned, so we put off finishing the bathroom and laundry room.  Last weekend, I prodded Ben until he gave in we found some time to finish the bathroom.

Before I share the ‘after’ pictures, I want to give a little explanation on how we install drawer fronts.  First, we measure the width and height to find the center.  Then, either make a template or mark the drawer pulls on the drawer front.  Drill holes in your drawer front, but not the drawer.  Use screws to attach the front to the drawer.

If you’re working on a drawer stack, this allows you to attach everything from the front, make sure all faces are level and spacing between drawers is even.  We use nickels as spacing guides for our drawer fronts.  Start from the bottom drawer to stack the remaining drawers on top.  This way, as long as your drawers are even and square, your stack will be level.  Once you like the arrangement, screw the front in place from inside the drawer.  Remove the screws from the front and drill through the rest of the drawer to install the handles.

Now, we’re ready for the main event.

Remember the before?   Yes, those openings bugged the crap out of me for the past year.

The center is a false front and the ends are functioning drawers.

We chose oil rubbed bronze drawer pulls to tie the faucet finishes together.

Towels and extra toilet paper are stored below on the open shelving, giving the perfect balance of large and small storage.

Yep, lookin’ good, if you ignore the pile o’ tile and a saw in the corner.

What is your favorite type of bathroom storage?  Drawers and cabinets?  All drawers?  Drawers and shelving?  Maybe your have a medicine cabinet for small items and don’t need drawers?  Is your bathroom filled with products?

19 thoughts on “Bathroom Business

  1. I love what you’ve done! I like the combination of drawers and open shelving. The drawers look clean and finished and the shelves allow you to display towels and things, that’s so fun!

    1. Thanks, Jackie and Julianne! If this were our master bath, I don’t think we could get away with the open shelving. We might have too much daily ugly stuff. 😉

  2. Your bathroom is fantastic. We have a master bathroom that we’ll be remodeling in the next year or so and I love the inspiration I get from your bathroom. Great ideas! Thanks!

  3. You guys are masters of drawer fronts! I wanted to do a similar open shelving in our bath when we remodeled, but couldn’t find one in our price range. We ended up buying a new double sink standing cabinet with everything but the faucets (granite top and undermount sinks) on ebay for a song. Delivered right to our driveway. It came with a door cabinet under each sink and 3 columns of small drawers, one column on each end and one in the middle. It is the BEST storage ever. I use two columns of drawers, each fits just what I need: one for nail polish,one for hair brushes, one for makeup, one for first aid stuff, one for hair accessories…etc. I put my hairdryer and flat iron in a basket in the cabinet bottom shelf and the top shelf has hair products, lotions, etc. It is all so easy and organized. My husband’s side is the best…all his drawers and cabinets are empty except for one, which holds his hairbrush and razor. Typical, right?! lol

  4. I’m totally in LOVE with your bathroom vanity! We’ve been doodling plans for a DIY vanity as well and hope to accomplish it some time this fall! I LOVE the idea of some drawers, but mostly open like yours with shelving and baskets. Provides greater accessibility and more organization in my opinion! 🙂 NICELY DONE!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I too love that the design is more unique than a traditional vanity without sacrificing storage. Let me know if you have questions about ours when you’re planning and building yours!


  5. LOVE your blog! Just stumbled across it about a week ago! Did you build the vanity yourself? (Sorry if I missed about post about that..) If you don’t mind my asking, what is the name/brand of your wall color? I’m looking for a green color for our spare bedroom. Thanks!

    1. Hi Samantha,

      We’re glad you found (and are liking!) our blog! Yep, Ben built the vanity. The bathroom is Restoration Hardware’s Sycamore Green, color matched in Wal Mart’s paint. We have the darker version (Bay Laurel) in our bed and bathroom.

      Hope it helps!

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