Early Father’s Day

On Saturday, I bought two small canvases for the boys to paint for Father’s Day gifts for Ben.  Ben left to work out, so I put the boys in painting clothes (yes, our kids have painting clothes) and we trucked outside with our supplies to get our paint on.

Inspired by this idea, I let Vincent and Everett choose a paint color.  Vincent chose lime green and Everett chose charcoal grey.  Oddly enough, these colors definitely represent their personalities.  V is bright and loud while Ev is the shy, quiet one, not screaming for attention, but noticeable.  Then, I helped the buys practice placing their hands on the canvas while I pressed down.  Both passed with flying colors, keeping their hands still.

Gather your handy helpers (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse reference) and ask for one clean hand.

Squirt a blob of paint on the hand.

I thought that would be enough, but it barely spread a thin layer over his hand.

So add more paint.  Then, hold the helpers hand and bring the canvas to the hand, not hand to canvas.  Gently push in place and remove.

Do you see the light hand print behind?  That’s why you need more paint.  If you mess up, while the paint is still wet, you can wipe it away with a damp cloth to start over again.  I was distracted, so I didn’t get to.  With Vincent’s painting drying, I started on Everett.  I squeezed a glob of paint to his hand and immediately, he clenched his hand shut and oozed paint through his fingers.  That got a chuckle.  After unclamping his hand, I spread the paint over and brought the canvas to him.  Hand placed perfectly, then he yanked it away, dragging across the canvas.  Time for plan B.  I wiped the wet paint away and decided on an abstract painting from Ev.  I picked our palette.

With Picasso on my lap, he painted.  He was hesitant to touch the paint, so I helped show him.

Eventually, he did, but only twice.  I loved watching his chubby hand work.

He wanted a paint brush.  Ev was so determined, just look at his face.

While Ev was painting, so was Vincent, on our paper drop cloth.  Then, I noticed he painted on our drying hand canvas.  Gah!  So, I painted his canvas white so he would make an abstract painting, too.  When I turned back to Ev, I saw the was sitting, sucking his thumb.


Even though I wasn’t painting, I didn’t get away unscathed.  Ev painted all over my hands, legs and even took a quick swipe at my face.

For those requesting more pictures of me, I’ll make an effort.  This is a start.

And, we’re ready for the big reveal.  Everett’s painting:

Restrained, yet stunning.

And Vincent’s:

Not as restrained, but equally stunning.  I actually had to stop him because he would have blended everything together until it was a brown mess.

And, here’s a side by side:

I can’t wait to hang them up!  Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why this Father’s Day gift is early.  Two reasons.  Number one, Ben came home earlier than I thought and caught us painting.  The jig is up.  Number two, I seriously thought Father’s Day was yesterday.  So, you get to benefit from my apparent inability to read a calendar.  So, go to Michael’s to pick up a few 5 inch square by 1 1/2 inch thick canvases while they’re 40% off  (they’re $4.80 each after the discount, originally $7.99 for a grand total of $9.60) and put the kiddos to work.

Dads, what was your favorite father’s day gift?  Ladies and kids, what was your favorite gift to dad?  Is your dad easy to shop for?  Neither Ben or my dad are easy.  No ties, technology or candy for them.  So, something personal fits perfectly.

5 thoughts on “Early Father’s Day

  1. My husband is not a tie guy either. This year we painted rocks and affixed a tag to the decorated brown paper bag that says, “Dad, you rock!”. That and a gift card to Dunkin Donuts and my hubby will be pretty happy, I think! PS: Love the art! I always have to stop my 7 yr old. he does great artistic work with a paintbrush, but doesn’t know when to stop. My mom, (who IS an artist) tells him that sometime the most important part is knowing when to stop! lol

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