Guest Garden: Design Build Love

We started off garden week by sharing what our garden has looked like over the past five years.  We’ve invited four fantastic bloggers to share their gardens with you as well.  First up, we have Ashley from Design Build Love, a DIY blog with so many inspiring ideas.

Design Build Love Blog Header

Hi y’all, I’m Ashley and I blog over at Design Build Love!  Let’s just say that I was super excited when Amanda emailed me about guest blogging over here, and I was more than willing to participate in her week-long garden series! I absolutely adore Amanda and am in LOVE with her house and her blog, as I’m sure many of you are too!!! And, I’m totally diggin’ her recent AA meeting bench re-do! Go Amanda!!!

If you happen to head over to my blog, you might notice that I often refer to my blog as “our” blog and that’s because I have an amazing husband named Eric, who’s always by my side to join in on each and every project I dream up! This is us:

summer-2010-319We’re young, newlywed professionals who moonlight as designers/home-improvement-DIYers! Our motto: We’re BUSY, we’re FRUGAL, and we LOVE to DO-IT-OURSELVES. We save to buy what we want, and if it’s out of reach, we build it ourselves! We’ll never pay someone to do something that we can do ourselves (unless there’s a safety issue), because we both believe in learning, and with a little eagerness and determination, we usually can accomplish any of our projects!

Anywho… on to the outdoors! If you follow our blog, it’s no secret that we’ve been feverishly working on our front and back yards for most of the spring and summer, but I just thought I’d give you guys a quick snapshot of our front yard.

We started with a fairly unattractive situation when we bought our house. Things were ugly, poorly groomed, and sparse. It’s safe to say that little love when into this…





After holding out for a little over a year (while we tackled some major project inside), we finally plunged, head-first into some major tearing out and prepping of the planters, and ended up with this!


IMG_2124 v 2



You can see more pictures of the process here and here, but our basic steps were tearing out everything, rototilling the dirt, laying a drip system, planting plants, placing weed cloth, and bringing in the rock to finish it off!

We even potted some flowers to make the front entry more inviting! (please ignore the unpainted strip on the door… it’s temporary while we’re refinishing our solid mahogany door) The pots were a sweet birthday score from my momma! Being the amazing shopper that she is, she snagged these heavy duty, painted pots at Ross for $12 and $15! Score!!! And they totally compliment the colors inside our home!


When we decided to delve into yard projects, we wanted to be certain we got the best prices and selection, but also the most information. So, to properly select all of the plants, we visited our local Lowe’s and our local nursery, Green Acres. Both were extremely helpful, but the local nursery is where newbies like us can really get a great botany lesson!!!

Overall, we are absolutely IN LOVE with our new curb appeal! Our favorite things is probably the rock, the Mexican Petunias, and the Sweet Pea bushes.



The only things that we would change are these ugly square patches of “plants” that someone (no names) convinced us to get… BUT… they’re already gone (sorry, no updated pic at the moment)! Aren’t they totally oogly


All-in-all, we’re super proud of what we accomplished and can’t wait to see all of the plants flourish! DIYing all of it saved us some serious cash, as well as buying the less mature plants! So, cruise on over to the blog for updates on the growth! Oh ya… and see that paver patio just behind the plants… that’s new too and we’ll hopefully be DIYing a bench for that spot in the near future!!! After that, the bench just might be our new favorite thing!

I hope y’all stop by our blog for a visit! We’d love to have you!


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