Guest Garden: IHeart Organizing

Today, we are honored to have Jen from IHeart Organizing to share her deck garden with us today.

Thank you so much Amanda for having me today!  I am über giddy to be guest posting on one of my fav blogs, such an honor!

Amanda asked if I could share a little about our garden this year and I have to admit, we dropped the ball when it came to planting anything veggie related, as we had the latest of springs/summers which totally threw me for a loop!  However, we did do a couple of things to ensure we added mini-flower gardens around the home, just to give the outdoors some life and color!

The biggest impact was adding some pretty deck boxes, we found these at Home Depot and they were the perfect solution for our white pvc deck rails!

I love how they snap on and they are durable in the crazy weather that Wisconsin brings.  Inside, I just added some pretty colorful annuals, they really bring the whole space to life!

I am also a huge advocate of photographing your flower gardens/boxes, because it makes the best art inside the home also!

Speaking of bring the outdoors in, we decided to add a couple of pretty planters inside to plant our little “herb garden”!

We actually let the kiddos handle this one!  They scooped the dirt and planted the seeds!  They did fantastic, however, they mixed up the planters so we don’t know which is which!

Now we just wait until they are fully grown so we can add some pretty labels to the planters!  Until then, they are well on their way to becoming the perfect garnishings to our meals!

So there is the lowdown on some of the “gardening” going on at the Jones abode!  Thanks again Amanda for the opportunity to stop by and share today!


5 thoughts on “Guest Garden: IHeart Organizing

  1. Beautiful flowers and I love your kitchen too. I’m thinking about painting my kitchen cabinets white and wondered if it’s difficult to keep the white cabinets clean.

  2. Pretty soon you will be able to smell what herb is what. I’ve done that before too. I wanted my daughter to paint some pots with pictures of the herb and the name. She’s an amazing artist and she’s only 13. I’ll have to nudge her on this project again. Katharine

  3. Hi Monique! We actually painted the cabinets Behr’s Navajo White and they wipe up really great! I have little monkeys that climb on them with dirty feet and I wash them frequently with ease!


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