Inspiring Exteriors: The Daly Mansion

Last week, we took a little in-state vacation to the Bitterroot Valley in western Montana.

On our way west, we pass through or by several mountain ranges.  If you want to get your bearings, check out this mountain map.  Near the Crazy mountains, we saw a seriously gigantic house.  (Click to zoom and you can see it better)

Just before Butte, we drove over the Pipestone Pass.  It has awesome rock formations.

The Pipestone Pass leads into Butte.  I love the train bridge set into the hillside.

Continuing on through Butte, we drove alongside the Tobacco Root mountains.


The weather was abnormally cold, but we went to Lake Como.  Another Montana lake surrounded by mountains.  We have also had tons of rain, so the lake was especially high.

A dam runs along one end.

Ben decided to fish.

The boys really got a kick out of throwing rocks in the water.


Unfortunately, Ben didn’t catch a single fish.  His cousin did, though.  Sadly, it was about the size of a minnow.

Enough with our personal lives, how about something home related?  I wanted to visit the Daly Mansion, but we didn’t have a chance, so I’m sharing pictures I took when we toured the house two years ago.  I’m guessing not much has changed.  Sadly, photos of the interior are not allowed.  Following along last week’s garden theme, I thought it would be fun to share photos of the inspiring gardens.

The long tree-lined gravel driveway is stately and inviting.  I’m sure this looks amazing in the fall, too.

A circular turnaround is anchored by a small rose bed.  Large evergreen trees flank either side of the doorway.  Symmetry works it’s magic again.

A large wrap around porch with potted plants adds charm and color.

Mature peony plants in full bloom and other small flowering plants add splashes of pink.

I love the mix of green shrubbery and flowers along the side garden.  The architectural details are incredible.

A sunroom and long, narrow arbor extend along the left side.

{photo via Daly Mansion}

A crew was prepping for a wedding and the arbor doubles perfectly as an aisle or archway.

{photo via Daly Mansion}

A covered porch and car port balance out the sun room on the opposite side.

The backyard and porch have an amazing view of the Bitterroot mountains.

A stone retaining wall and grand staircase leads from the main house down to the lawn.

{photo via Daly Mansion}

Beyond the lawn is a beautiful swimming pool, complete with more flowers, a diving board and bathrooms.

{photo via Daly Mansion}

If you’re planning a visit or find yourself in western Montana, visit the Daly Mansion (as well as Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake if you’re the outdoorsy type).

What was your favorite part of the mansion grounds?  I still love that arbor.  And the peonies.  I would take a large porch, too.  Do you like to tour old mansions or homes?  I do.  Which has been your favorite and why?  The sheer architecture?  The story behind it?  The insanity?  Perhaps it’s haunted?

11 thoughts on “Inspiring Exteriors: The Daly Mansion

  1. Looks like fun! My husband and I took a cross-country trip back in 2000 and we loved Montana and Wyoming.

    I think you said you have a dog, do you ever do things with him? We don’t have kids but have a pack of dogs and we usually don’t leave home without them. I wonder how it would be if we had kids but I have a feeling it’d be the same = )

    1. Hi L, Your trip sounds like fun! For an outdoorsy person, MT an WY are fun places.

      We do have a dog and we usually bring her with. This time though, we were visiting family and they already had 5 dogs up there and we didn’t have room in the car, so friends stayed with her. 🙂

  2. I love touring homes. I don’t care too much about the size, or age. I just love walking through them and being inspired. However, my favorite home is Winchester Mansion in California, apparently it’s haunted, although we didn’t see any ghosts. I really loved the pictures of Daly Mansion. I wish the front of my house looked like that! And I want the arbor, the flowers and the trees. I have none of any of that. Just artificial turf and cement…

  3. These pictures are GORGEOUS! What camera do you use if you don’t mind me asking? I’m in the market for a new camera.

    1. Hi Brittany,

      Thanks so much!! When we’re traveling, I usually use my Canon Powershot SD780 IS I bought it on Black Friday two years ago and still love it. Before that, I had an earlier version and loved it, too. For a tiny camera, it takes great pictures. When I’m at home, I use an old Canon Rebel with a 50 mm lens. Nothing crazy, but it works. I personally love all of the Canon camera I have had. I have friends with other brands and they never seem to out last or out perform my Canon. (No, we’re not sponsored by Canon) Hope that helped.


  4. Hi…I waffled about deciding whether to post this comment, but then thought that ultimately, I’d want to know. Someone mentioned the same thing to me a while ago, and I appreciated it, especially because it was said with the best intentions…It’s best if the chest clips on the car seats sit at armpit height, it makes it much safer for your little ones in case of an accident.

    Your pictures, and your boys, are beautiful.

    1. Hi Wilma,

      Thank you so much for your info! I really appreciate your genuine concern for our boys’ safety. 🙂 I try to keep them up as high as possible, but sometimes the boys move them around.


  5. Your trip looks amazing! We love Western MT. Have you been to The National Bison Range in Nortwest MT? You can drive your car through it, a fun treat for the kiddos. This time of year you’ll see them with their calves. So cute! We live in Sandpoint, ID. Another really neat place to visit if you’re ever in Northern ID. 🙂

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