Entertaining Entertainment

We’re slackers and haven’t built anything from start to finish since starting this blog.  Our laundry room progress has taken a back seat to project ADD life.  I thought I’d redeem myself by sharing a plan for our built-in entertainment center.

We knew we wanted hidden storage for toys and electronics, so we made a plan for cabinet doors on the lower half.  Open shelving for decorative storage above takes some of the focus away from the tv.  The shelves are fixed, just because we don’t prefer the look of the adjustable metal tracks.

When we build cabinetry, we start from the bottom up.  Ben worries about the durability and strength of everything he builds, so he uses 2 by 4s on edge for the toe kick and counter top.  Then, the cabinets are faced out and doors are added.  It’s pretty much the same process for the upper shelving.  instead of 2 by 4s, Ben uses 1 1/2 inch wide by 3/4 inch thick MDF to support the shelves.

It’s difficult to get into the particulars on how to build the entertainment center without step by step pictures.  I promise, when we finally have the laundry room cabinets done, we’ll share every detail.

Until then, I want to know if you’ve built a piece of furniture?  What about a built-in?  Not brave enough?  Try buying a plain bookshelf and add crown molding and taller baseboards to give it a more custom look.


6 thoughts on “Entertaining Entertainment

  1. We recently took out an interior window and replaced it with a built in bookshelf. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about it quite yet, but it will be coming along soon. The window was in an awkward space anyway, (it looked into a bedroom from our dining room) so when we took it out we decided to use the space rather than just covering it up.

  2. That looks amazing and I know all too well about project add! We’ve built 6 cube cubby, an entertainment center that’s still doorless and a bookcase for our pantry that still has some stuff that needs to be finished! Haha! Oh the joys of starting a project way out way the joys of sticking through with it! :p

    1. Hi Krysta,

      Ben and I actually made that. We have a giant wood pile in our back yard, so I plucked one without bark and had Ben carve our initials on it. Here’s a link for more info: http://ourhumbleabowed.wordpress.com/2010/10/07/you-me-art/ It was super simple because Ben used a Dremel tool. If you find any piece of wood you like, you could make something similar for free (or at least very cheap).


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