Dania Mania

We’re back from Minnesota, back to reality.  Our vacation included visiting family and friends, eating at my favorite Minnesota restaurants (hello Panino Fries and Green Mill spinach dip), and shopping at a few stores Montana lacks.  Like IkeaHome Goods, and recently, Dania Furniture.  My mom, sisters, their boyfriends, the boys and I decided to hit up the Rosedale mall for bonding time.  We took a wrong turn on the way there and passed Dania Furniture.  My sister just bought a house, and she’s always wanted to go to Dania, so we made a pit stop.  And, I’m glad we did because Dania had tons modern home furnishings with decent prices.  Sure, certain things are overpriced (in my opinion, but I’m super cheap), but overall, I feel it is a good value.

This chair is super cool in a mid-century modern way.  I couldn’t pay 200 bucks for a single chair, but two of these would look really great with a set of cheaper, basic chairs.

And, here’s the matching bench.  Cool at the foot of a bed, and cool in a dining room in place of two chairs.

My sister loved this modular L shaped shelving unit.  Shelving units like these are versatile because several pieces can be joined together or stacked.  Or keep two units close as shown or, pull the pieces further apart for a different look.  If pulled apart, the area between could be a small bench for a multi-tasking piece of furniture.  I think each piece cost around $150, but something like this could easily be built for less than 300 bucks.

A large canvas divided into nine squares with four raised art panels would also be an easy enough diy art project.

I’m hoping we can update our current end tables with chrome spray paint and new wooden tops to look something like this:

I desperately want a coffee table, but it’s still a hazard for little kids.  A sleek white and chrome table is perfect.

In my dream world, I would have the coffee table from Whatever, Martha.  I’m seriously trying to convince Ben to weld something similar.  After all, our last welding experience went so well.


Dania’s upholstered furniture seemed to be the best deal, though.  A club chair, available in a variety of fabrics is between three and four hundred smackeroos.

A large (and comfy!) sectional with chaise is only 1100 bucks.  Not too shabby.

Dania’s furniture was great, and I found a little more than furniture inspiration during our visit.  The landscaping was fabulous.  Wooden slat walkways under a modern pergola are welcoming, but the creative borders caught my eye.  I love the mix of simple, easy to maintain hostas with evergreens for a lush look year round.

And, it seems simple enough to do almost anywhere.  Maybe in place of a fence along a property line?  Or, along a walkway?

Inspiration is everywhere.  Have you been inspired by a store design recently?  Do you have a creative landscape design?  Do you know where I can find the Whatever, Martha coffee table?  Maybe you love to watch or listen to Whatever, Martha?  Love it, or hate it?  Personally, I think it’s hilarious and odd that Alexis is Martha’s daughter.  And, until some Googling today, I didn’t know Alexis was 45!  She looks amazing.

Please note:  We were not compensated for this post, we simply loved Dania Furniture and want to share with you.

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