Fold Over, and Over, and Over

So, this is by far the most earth-shattering post to date.  Not really, though.  Only my fellow OCD geeks will think it’s the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Today, kids, we will learn how to fold a fitted sheet!  See, I told you it was earth-shattering.  As in any class, some of you will already know how to do this, but for the rest of you, read carefully.  In today’s lesson, we’ll learn how to go from this:

To this:

Ready? Okay!  (That was by best, most obnoxious cheerleader impression to get you psyched.)  First, find one corner.  Place a finger in the right side of the sheet, so you see the inside.

Do this to the opposite corner, too.  Then, bring your hands together and touch your fingertips together.

Keeping your hands together, roll one of the corners over the other.

Allign the seams according to your OCD specifications.  Then, do this to the other two corners.

Once you’ve done that, keep your corners together and lay the sheet on a flat surface.

Straighten the elastic some.  Then, fold into thirds or quarters.

I fold my outer edges toward the center, just so the outside edges aren’t showing.

And finally, into thirds or quarters again, or whatever size will fit in your closet.

Now, wasn’t that fun?!?  More fun than a barrel of monkeys.  For extra credit (and even more folding fun) try folding your plastic bags to save space.

Did you already know how to fold a fitted sheet?  Or do you already fold your plastic bags?  Got any other space-saving tips you’d like to share?  Are you crazy like I am and have to have all towels, sheets and blankets folded the same way?  Please tell me I’m not alone.

28 thoughts on “Fold Over, and Over, and Over

  1. I fold my fitted just like that and then slide it, a pillow case, and the flat sheet into the remaining pillow case. Feel less neurotic now? 😉

  2. Ha! Thanks, now I know how to do it! I think I might’ve saved a video somewhere but have not referred back to it for assistance. I usually fold it as neat as I can!

    ~ L.

  3. I can top that Stephanie. I saw a tutorial similar to this once, but it actually suggested putting the flat sheet and the pillowcases in with it too. I think it was on Better Homes and Gardens, but I can’t find it now. Anyway, moral of the story is you fold your fitted sheet like this, but stop after you have done your first thirds or quarters folding (so it’s a long rectangle). You fold your flat sheet so it’s the same size as the fitted and stick it under the fitted sheet. Put the folded pillowcases on top of the fitted sheet and then fold into thirds or quarters. This way you have a nice little package of your sheet set and don’t need to worry about where the pillowcases are, etc. It really streamlines the look of your linen closet. Downside…I’m the only one who folds sheets because this method is apparently too complicated for my better half 🙂


  4. You are definitely not alone! Can’t stand it when I don’t have everything organized just right! I thought I did a pretty good job with the fitted sheet, but this looks even better! Will definitely give it a go! Thanks!

  5. Definitely not alone. I have folded my fitted sheets like that for some time. I also fold t-shirts all the same way along with my undies. 🙂 My mom loves to help out and fold clothes for me if she sees a basket of laundry and it makes me crazy. She folds things very haphazardly. Sad, but I will often refold things she has folded. How is that for OCD?

    1. I’m so glad this is helpful!!

      Gladeville Farmhouse, I am the EXACT same way! Ben usually doesn’t fold laundry because he doesn’t do it the right way. I wish I didn’t care, because that would make life much easier. He makes fun of me for folding underwear, too. Hah. I’m so glad to hear I’m not completely abnormal. 🙂

  6. I know this is kind of ridiculous, but that was a great post :), so helpful! I never know how to fold those sheets, so they usually end up kind of crumpled under my nicely folded flat sheet and pillow cases. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love it! I googled how to fold a fitted sheet a few years ago because my mom had always just done it sort of haphazardly and I figured there had to be a better way. Recently I folded my entire fabric stash into neat little stacks and I LOVE it! It looks so much more organized!

  8. Your not alone!!! Ever since I found Martha Steward i have come over all ‘FoldEverythingNeatly’. I even put all my Bedding inside a Pillowcase so it is all together!!! (think I need to get out more..or have another glass of wine)

  9. You are definitely not crazy. I fold our fitted sheets almost the exact same way. I also roll our grocery bags to store in one large bag and will refold our towels because my husband can’t seem to fold them correctly. Nothing worse than a messy linen closet. Strangely, the rest of my house doesn’t follow the same philosophy. 🙂

  10. OMG! My mother taught me to fold fitted sheets by tucking all four corners into each other (inside, outside, inside, outside), then putting it on a flat surface to complete the folding. Have I been doing it wrong all these years????!!!!!

    1. Nope, Pamela. You’re not wrong, I just think that way is more difficult. 🙂 If it works for you, that’s all that matters.

  11. One tip my boss told me awhile ago (I work/ed as a laundry tech in a diaper service and occassionally had some fitteds in there) was to do it this way with one caveat: Do it inside out long ways. Hard to explain but this is basically so that when the sheet goes ont he bed you can just flip the folded part down (as in the part that is in your pic after you did all the corners)over the bed and then straighten down to the other end of the bed. Hope this makes sense and thanks for the reminder!

  12. Love it, love it! Thank you! I’ve never known how to fold fitted sheets. I generally avoided it by just having one set of sheets that i wash and put back on the bed.

  13. This post cracks me up Amanda…this is exactly how I fold my sheets too. I’ve shown my husband probably 100 times how to do it and he just can’t seem to make it happen…same thing for out towels, now matter how many times I show him, he just doesn’t do it right! LOL!!


  14. Yes!….and my underwear…fold in half, then fold in thirds lengthwise and tuck the ‘crotch (hate that word, but it is what it is) into the waistband and now you’ve got a little ball…a ton of these will fit in your drawer and you can see them all. I know; so weird! Ah well 🙂

  15. Folded the same way here, too. I also fold the pillow cases so that they are the same small, rectuangular size they are when you purchase them. LOL I’m a bit OCD about stuff like that. My mother always folded bath towels into a half, then a quarter, then folded that into thirds. Washcloths got folded into quarters. That’s how I do it, too.

    It keeps the linen closet looking neat. *shrugs* 🙂

  16. Same technique here. So you’re definitely not alone!
    I also fold my blanket and pillow covers so they’re the same size. That way everything fits perfectly into the drawers of my tiny little dresser (if it even deserves that name…). Plus, I also foldi towels (all the same way, sorted by towel size) and plastic bags to save some space. 🙂

  17. I do that too and then I slip the flat and fitted sheet into the pillowcase. Makes my stacks look super neat and it is easy to grab a complete change for any bed at any time.

    1. After all these ‘pillowcase package’ comments, I did that with all my boys’ sheet sets-SO much easier for midnight bed wetting changes-thanks!! (and my hall linen closet looks so much better, too.

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