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Vincent’s fourth birthday is less than a month away, which seems crazy.  He’s growing up so fast.  When I asked him what kind of party he wanted, he said he wanted colored balloons.  So, I took that theme to Pinterest to get inspired.  I found rainbow, balloon and sprinkle ideas galore.

Spelling out FOUR with cheap letters from the craft store and tying balloons is a fun welcome.

Maybe I’ll add a balloon wreath for extra pizzazz.

A balloon banner would also be a really cheap decoration.

For the dining room, a balloon and tissue paper pom-pom hanging bouquet is fun.

Sprinkles are another way I plan to add pops of color.  Sprinkles around the rims of chocolate milk?  I’ll take that.

Cake pops decked out in sprinkles and drizzled icing.  Cute, but might be too difficult for a non-baker such as myself.

Oreo pops, however, seem right up my alley.

Zig zag paper streamers in a variety of colors is an easy (maybe V can help?) decoration.

Fresh fruit skewers are a simple, healthy and pretty party food.

I’ve seen a few cakes I think would be fitting for a four-year old and adults.  Maybe a polka dot cake?

Or maybe a candy cake?

If we knew more little kids, recycled crayons could be a cute party favor.

That’s the direction we’re headed.  Invitations will be sent out soon.  As soon as our guests receive them, we’ll share the details.

Do you choose the party theme, or let your kids?  What are your favorite themes?  Your kids?  Any party planning tips or tricks?  Favorite cake recipe?

9 thoughts on “Pinterest Party Planning

  1. I really like the recycled crayon idea, so cute for valentines or parties! My favorite cake is the one with the big nonperiels on the side, the polka dot one!

  2. Amanda, cake pops are really easy and they go over EXTREMELY well! I make themed fondant cakes and these cute little pops got just as much, if not more, of a response! I made vanilla, red velvet and oreo, and the favorite (and by far, easiest) was the oreo! Crushed oreos and cream cheese! Can’t beat it! You can stick them in a round styrofoam ball on the table, or ribbon covered cones, like i did, and they make the perfect centerpiece. Have fun 🙂

  3. You’ve found some really cute ideas. I love that balloon wreath.

    Cake pops are easy… they’re just time consuming. If you want an easy cheat, use doughnut holes. You can put them on a stick, dip them and decorate. The same effect without as much work and they’re yummy!

  4. What awesome ideas! I just did my older son’s 6th birthday party and we did blue cake pops…they’re definitely a trial and error process, but the good things is they don’t require much baking (with what you do with it, a cake mix is actually better, and I’m sure you can make a cake mix!) The rest is hands on. Just make sure you have the freezer/fridge space and work fast. But honestly, I’d try to the oreo pops…those look awesome!

    I’m still waiting for my invite from pinterest, blerg!

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