Paint Debate

I’ve considered paint colors for the laundry room and just can’t decide what I want.  Can you all lend a helping hand, well, voice?  Initially, I thought we’d paint the laundry room walls the same pale green color we have in the basement bathroom, with blue accents.

Because our laundry room was nowhere near finished, I added peacock blue accents to the bathroom.

The rooms are on opposite sides of the stairwell, but if we use the same color, I don’t want matching rooms.  Kinda shot myself in the foot on that one.  So, now I’m wondering, do I paint the laundry the same color as the bathroom?  If so, what accent color should I use?  Yellow and lime green, like this?

I don’t want to use pink or purple.  After all, this is Ben’s office, so nothing too girly.  The cabinets will remain white, so brown with lime green might be an option.  The tan floors and canvas curtain have similar tones.


Maybe adding a pattern somewhere?

Or, I could nix the green paint entirely and go with grey paint and any accent color I want.  I just know we need to lighten and brighten up our windowless laundry space.  I keep going back to two of my favorite recently revamped laundry spaces.  Jen at IHeart Organizing’s laundry room is fresh and fun.  No, I’m not saying this because she’s my friend.  I’d like it even I never met her.

Young House Love’s grellow and pink laundry room is light and airy, without being serious.

What are your thoughts?  Any votes for green walls with yellow and lime green accents?  Green walls with brown and white accents?  Grey walls with any color accent?  What are your favorite laundry rooms?


11 thoughts on “Paint Debate

  1. what if you painted it whatever color you wanted & used shades of the green from the bathroom as accents. That would tie the rooms together without making them exact copies of one another…perhaps you could even use more of a washed out shade of the peacock blue you painted the mirror?

  2. If you really love the peacock blue color, then I would definitely go with the grey. & use blue & green accents. I am not seeing from the photo that the current green goes well with the peacock blue, but it might just be the photo.

  3. I think laundry rooms should be a fun color because let’s face it….nobody likes to do laundry. I love the yellow and lime green together but I’m not sure about the current green paint in the laundry with those colors. You could do a light gray paint and then use the yellow and lime green. Gray is so easy to mix colors with. I currently have a gray room with fuschia and black accents. I looooove it! My laundry room is currently painted white with red and brown strips (of differing sizes). It is fun and I like it.

    1. Thanks for your input, Jenny B, Kim and Angel. For some reason, the bathroom green doesn’t photograph right. It’s almost a soft pear color in person. I still have to find some lime green and yellow accents to compare to the paint swatch before I completey decide. The grey is the safest choice and the most versatile, but I don’t know if it’s too boring then…

  4. I love the lime and lemon colors! It could feel so fresh and crisp and summer-y year round!! Also, lemons are used for cleaning….so….laundry + lemons = clean?? I’d definitely go with a color that has more white in it, though – I’ve painted a room straight up yellow and it feels a little like a schoolbus. Good luck! 🙂

  5. I like the idea of the green with yellow and lime, and maybe still throw in a little brown to keep it kind of “manish”. The gray could end up looking kind of sad during the long winter months though, and make the room feel kind of cold.

  6. I can see how you don’t want to do the same colors after all they are two different rooms. What about yellow and gray. That combo is so in and the yellow lends to the feminine side where as the gray leans towards the masculine.


  7. I love the colors in your bathroom, but totally understand that you wouldn’t want to use the same color combination again. I also like the idea of gray since you can change up the accent colors and get a totally different look when you’re ready for something different … and it doesn’t have to be boring. Decor and the Dog posted some pictures a few days ago of their laundry room updates … the wall color is a dark blue/gray, but the colorful accents still make the room feel so fun! Here’s a link:

  8. Those are all beautiful! I never even thought about painting my laundry room…well, I did for about two seconds, but now I feel like I must!

    The lime green and yellow was awesome, but if you’re using it as the space for an office as well, maybe the lime green with tan would look cool too. Whatever you choose, I can’t wait to see it. And i LOVE the peacock mirror.

  9. What if you did the grey or another neutral but did a fun paint treatment like big stripes or something…OOOH or stencil it. Since it’s your husband’s office area too, something geometric might be masculine enough, but it would also be neutral enough that you could add accessories and change them as you see fit

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