Step by Step

Young House Love mentioned Tori Spelling linked to their blog in one of her posts.  I didn’t even know Tori had a blog, or that it had a lot of cute ideas, like making plaster feet.  I thought it was fantastic enough to give it a try.

So, I took a trip to Hobby Lobby for plaster of Paris, but didn’t find any.  I did find something that sounded like it would work, PermaStone.

On my way home from HL, I stopped by the park by our house to steal borrow a bucket of sand.  Then, I took out three shallow baking dishes.  One for Vincent, another for Everett and one more for my cousin’s 18 month old son.  With the wet sand firmly packed, Vincent stepped on his tray.  Nothing happened; it was too tightly packed.  So, I dug up the sand and had him step again, gently pulling his foot out.  The impression was okay, but not great.  So, we tried again.  This time, I pushed his foot down and pressed sand against the sides of his feet and toes.  Finally, a great mold.

Then, we tried this with the smaller kids.  This proved to be much more difficult.  They squirmed more and didn’t really like having their feet pressed in the sand.  We originally planned to cast both feet of each boy, but it just didn’t seem worth the effort.  After getting a clean impression of each foot, I mixed up the plaster.  This plaster calls for three parts plaster mix and one part cold water.  I mixed three-quarter cups of plaster and one-third cup water because one-quarter cup of water was really thick.

I carefully poured the mixture into the sand mold, filling to the top, but not overflowing.

Luckily, the plaster sets up quickly, but we left to dry for a few hours.  When I took the feet out, they were covered in sand.

I gently brushed the sand off, then washed the rest off with water.  A few larger rocks stuck in, like the one at the top of this picture, so I pulled those out, too.

Vincent’s foot is gigantic, but it looks so cute.

Surprisingly, a lot of detail remained.

I over poured Everett’s box foot a little, but it’s close to the real thing.

His pinky toe smooshed slightly when I pulled his foot out of the sand mold, so I pressed the sand down with my finger, hence the slightly outset toe.  I showed Everett, and he thought the little foot was fun.  He wanted me to press the mold against his foot repeatedly.  I have big plans for these little feet, so check back soon to see what happens.

Meanwhile, I would like to know if you make baby keepsakes.  If so, what?  Paintings?  Inked foot or hand prints?  Framed a small outfit?  Lock of hair?

2 thoughts on “Step by Step

  1. For keepsakes for both of my babies, I made little iron-on onesies with their birth information. With my son, a picture of him in the onesie was his birth announcement. For my daughter, I just wanted to make sure we had some pictures of her in it. Afterward, I framed the onesies in a shadow box with the bracelets from the hospital, the cards from the hospital with their birth info on them, and the little hats from the hospital. They are both hanging in their bedroom (they share a room). I love to look at the shadow boxes and remember the tiny babies that they once were. It’s a fun momento. You can check out the project here on my blog:

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