Box Step

Wanna see what we did with the plaster feet we made?  If you answered yes, keep reading.  If your answer was no, stop by tomorrow.  I decided these feet would look adorable framed in shadow boxes.  I had two sitting in my office, so I gathered other supplies.  Two pieces of foam core, cut to the size of the glass, a piece of canvas (left over from the drop cloth curtain in the laundry room.  I also used a few scraps to cover a lampshade), scissors, Mod Podge, masking tape, labels, Elmer’s glue, and epoxy.

I started by cutting my canvas to size, laying the glass down as a guide, keeping two inches of extra material on all sides.

Then, I Mod Podged one side of the foam core and placed the foam on the center of the fabric, pressing firmly for nice adhesion.

To eliminate excess fabric, I cut the corners of the fabric.  I added more Mod Podge to the back and pressed the fabric down.

With each side folded down, I added a strip of masking tape, just to prevent any shifting.  You could skip Mod Podge on the back and just stick masking tape.

A quick search through my scrap booking supplies left me with two label holders, with brad holders.  I cut two small pieces of cardstock to label each foot.

With my fabric in place, I found the center and marked the holes of the label holder.

Because the foam is 1/4 inch thick, I used a screw to make holes for my brads.

The only problem?  The brads are only 1/4 inch long.  Not long enough to go through the foam.  Rather than a wild goose brad chase, I opted for the easy way out, Elmer’s glue.  A little glue on the brad and another dab in the hole and everything worked out.

Now, it was time to glue the foot molds in place.  Elmer’s just wasn’t going to work, so I used an epoxy.

I didn’t want to clean epoxy off anything, so I scoured the kitchen for a plastic lid and fork to mix on and with.

With the epoxy mixed, I generously covered the highest areas of the back of each foot.

Some areas don’t touch the backing, but that’s just fine.

Other areas touch nicely, but a little of the epoxy oozed out.  Again, not a big deal.

Epoxy takes about 12 hours to set up, so I left the pieces out overnight, but I snapped a few pictures while they dried.

I like the look of the canvas backing, the grains of sand, and the official looking label holders.  Next step, framing and hanging.

So, how much did this little craft project cost?  The plaster cost $7.99 and I had the rest of the supplies.  And, I still have plaster left over for future projects.

What do you have in shadow boxes?  Have a favorite home-made art piece you made?


7 thoughts on “Box Step

  1. This would be a great project to start at infancy and continue through adolence, in place of the name you could but the age instead!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much! I think it would be adorable to do with a pet, too. You just have to get him/her to be still enough to make a good impression in the sand. Let me know how it goes if you try it. 🙂


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