Kitchen Drawings and Ideas

We’ve been seriously discussing our impending kitchen remodel.  Neither Ben or I have ever planned a kitchen remodel, so we have tons of ideas.  Because we don’t talk much about the ugly kitchen, let me refresh your memory on the state of things.  First, we started out with an L shaped sink/dish washing/refrigerator/food prep area.

Here’s our first round of ideas from about a year ago, obviously a rough sketch.

Basically, we thought we’d keep the same cabinet layout with a few slight changes.  We’ve always planned to pull out the soffit to add more cabinet space to our small kitchen.  The biggest change we had planned was extending the corner cabinet from the ceiling down to the counter.  Then, we removed the bank of cabinets over the peninsula.

We really loved how much more light and open the kitchen felt, so now we’re nixing that set of upper cabinets.  The stove side of the kitchen backs up to the living room, but feels very closed off.  And if the vent hood is on, forget about being part of a conversation.

To open up the kitchen even more, we plan to knock down part of the wall behind the stove.  It is load bearing, so we have to keep a support pillar on either side and a beam across the top.  Essentially, we’ll have the kitchen entrance doorway, a large, wide ‘doorway’ over the kitchen cabinets, and then the dining room doorway.  When we tear down the wall, we’re also getting rid of the awkward soffit on this side, kind of like this:

Of course, since this drawing, we’ve discussed more changes that we’re happier with.  As far as the design elements go, we’ve never really wavered on those choices.  We’re still gung-ho on the apron sink, subway tile marble back splash, and hardwood floors.  It’s the layout and functionality that we keep changing and evolving, which we’ll share when we have another drawing to explain the madness.  For now, you can read my chicken scratch ideas detailing each element.

I’m glad we didn’t renovate the kitchen a few years ago, because I’m sure we would be just as annoyed as we are with our current kitchen.  Have you put a project on hold?  Are you happy you waited until you perfected the plan?

9 thoughts on “Kitchen Drawings and Ideas

  1. I like the idea of the open decorative legs instead of toekick but it would drive me nuts not being able to get under there with a sweeper to clean it. Have you thought of a stainless steel toekick? I saw one in a house we were looking to buy and thought it was a great idea, esp. if the appliances are stainless and it makes the room look bigger too. Looks like this: (3/4 way down the page).

    Good Luck!!

  2. i cant wait to see what you guys do! we desperately need to re-do our kitchen as well but we’re working on saving up the funds first!
    also, i hope you dont mind but i shared a link to your blog on my most recent entry. we are in the process of adding a board and batten treatment to our mudroom/entryway so i figured your site is the best for folks to reference if they want to see the real thing instead of our version! 🙂

    1. Hi Lizzy,

      I can’t wait to see what we do either. 😉 And, I definitely don’t mind that you shared a link on your blog! I appreciate it. I love the board and batten you’re working on. It will look great once you’re done.


  3. I started to reply to this from work and I guess I never hit “submit”.

    We are in sort of the same boat with our guest bath. We planned everything out when we realized the whole thing had to be gutted, and since then we changed our minds on the faucet and & a few others things. Fortunately (from a design standpoint, unfortunately from all other standpoints) we are still a long ways off from finishing the bathroom, so we still have time to change our minds.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the kitchen!

  4. I love those apron sinks. I dream about having one in my kitchen one day.
    If you knock down that wall, I think it’ll look sort of like a kitchen Island which I am ALL for (they’re such a hot spot when you have a party). Are you going to move around the appliances or keep them where they are?

    1. Hi Cait,

      Isn’t it funny how you change things because you can? Ha. We’re both really excited about the kitchen remodel. I know, famous last words. I probably won’t be quite as happy when the kitchen is torn apart, but any excuse to go out for dinner is good in my book.

      Hi Kristen,

      We’ve been loving the apron front sinks. The cool thing is that apron sinks are very traditional, but also very in style right now. We like the modern twist using stainless steel, and the function will be much better than our current sink which stains easily.

      And, when we knock down the wall, it will make the stove side feel more like an island. We really like the idea of a bar top on the living room side to make the kitchen part of the living room for seamless entertaining. The kitchen (and the food) always seems to be the hang out, so this will open everything up and make the cook feel much less confined. We plan to keep the appliances where they are because we already have the plumbing and gas line in place. And, with the back door and stair placement, we’re sort of stuck with what we’ve got. Even though the appliances won’t move and the general cabinet configuration will remain the same (meaning the stove side has cabinet bay on each side and the sink has a small peninsula) we’re going to make the small kitchen foot print the most functional as possible. I’m working on a drawing to show what we’re thinking, because it’s kind of difficult to explain without the visual. Of course, we’ll keep you all updated as things progress.


  5. We added an island recently and I found out that it is good to organize your kitchen into sections.

    *Cleaning station
    *Baking/food prep station

    Looking at your kitchen, I would move the pennisula to the stove side. Then when you are at the stove then you can turn to the right and cut and prepare and then move to the left to throw things in. (That becomes your Baking station!)

    I would put the dishwasher if possible on the dining room side of the sink. Then to the left of the sink is the Cleaning station. You walk into the kitchen immediately from the dining room with the dirty dishes, no pennisula in the way. Then when unloading the clean dishes you stand and put the most used dishes in the cabinet above. Those dishes that you take out and put on the table. In the cabinet closest to the table.

    I’m sure you have a routine down…just some food for thought!

  6. Haven’t been by in a while, but checking in and absolutely LOVE how your mountain house is shaping up! We ended up selling our ‘house on the side of a hill’, but wanted to drop in to see how you are coming along. LOVE everything you are doing!! :O)

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