And Then Tweak for Perfection

And the ombre dye saga continues.  Last Wednesday, I eluded to yet another dyeing issue.  You’d think I would have learned my lesson, but no.  Sadly, I didn’t rinse the dye out thoroughly enough because the undyed areas were a faint purple with splotches (yes, that is a technical term) of darker color, just like my first round.

Initially, I thought I’d just hem the side with the worst of it, but I would have to remove too much of the fabric and the curtain wouldn’t be wide enough.  I thought I could live with it, but it taunted me every time I looked at it.  I needed to do something about it, or at least try.  While at JoAnn’s, I found a box Rit dye color remover.  I figured if anyone or thing could fix this, my best bet would be to use the same brand.

I gathered more supplies, my trusty five gallon bucket, hot water, (I boiled a small pan and filled the rest with hot tap water) rubber gloves, and a spatula.  I poured the powder in the water and let it do it’s thing.

It seemed to work.  I let the curtain soak for 30 minutes, rinsed it out, then tossed it in the washer for another quick clean.  Happily, I had stunning results.  Finally, I could hang my ombre curtain.  Our bathroom is tiny, so it is really hard to get pictures from top to bottom.  Please bear with me for the abundance of photos.

I love that the colors blend well, but you can still see the lines of each level.

When the shower isn’t in use, we usually leave the curtain open to let as much light from the sky tube into the bathroom as possible.  So, this is what it looks like 95 percent of the time.

Here you can see the opened curtain and how it works with the rest of the bathroom.  That’s how small this bathroom is.  I had to reflect the rest of the bathroom in the mirror.

When closed, this is what you’re welcomed by.

The dipped end hand towels are pretty fun, too.  If only the white stitching took the dye, too.  Oh well.

Now, I need to get around to painting the ugly wooden doors.

After a little Pinterest search, (I love how Pinterest has become the new crafting Google) I found another ombre dye project with a wonderful tip that may have eliminated the need for color remover.  After dyeing, let the fabric dry before rinsing.  Apparently, this sets the dye to keep the colors vibrant, so I’m guessing it can also help reduce bleeding.  Though, this was my second attempt to dye something, so what do I know.

Now, for a total cost break down:

Flat sheet: $9.99

Three boxes of purple Rit dye: $8.25 ($2.75 each)

One box of Rit color remover: $2.75

Thread: Already owned

Grand total spent: $20.99

I’ll probably dye more things in the future, just to hone my skills.  Are you a fan of the ombre trend?  Do you have ombre in your house?  Your clothes?  Your hair?  My sisters are trying to convince me to ombre dye my hair, à la Jessica Biel.  For more ombre inspiration, check out this ruffle shower curtain and this painted dresser.  What is your favorite ombre colored item as of late?

14 thoughts on “And Then Tweak for Perfection

    1. Hi Chance,

      Well, I haven’t washed this since I washed the color remover out, so I don’t know if it runs. Though, it didn’t run when I put it in the second time, so I don’t think it does. I think you could find something that fixes the colors, but I think once you heat set the dye in the dryer, it would be just fine. Though, like any dye, it will probably lighten over many washes.

      Hope that helps a little!

  1. Looks great. I have one thing to say about the ombre hair…DO IT! First of all that example of Jessica Biel is beautiful. Second, I had it done (my hair is a lighter brown than hers) and I get SOOO many compliments. Mine was had a pretty strong contrast with a dark brown on top and blonde on the bottom. I loved it too!

    1. Meggan,

      The only problem is that I rarely wear my hair down and I haven’t had any sort of dye in my hair in over 10 years. I’m that lazy. Even though the ombre will grow out well. I just don’t know. I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull it off. Haha.


  2. I must admit I am not a fan of the whole ombre trend. I am also scared of dying things on my own I am just certain it will mess up the washing machine and keep dying everything I wash afterwards.

    1. Hi Pixie,

      I’m happy to report the dye didn’t do anything to harm our washing machine, but I did dye it in a bucket and only washed the curtain in the washer. No dye residue, though. I would be hesitant to put the dye in my new front loading washer, however.

  3. I think the hand towell looks awesome with the white ‘stripe’ where it didn’t take the dye! Before I read the bottom of the picture I thought to myself “Hmmm…wonder how she got that stitching to stay white?” It all looks GREAT!

  4. I am currently rocking ombre hair because I’m growing it out. I would never pay for it though!! I like it as a trend if youre going back to natural or stepping away from light blonde. I think its a joke to pay for grown out roots though! I like the look but only people who work at urban outfitters pay to get it done out here … stick with your awesome shower curtain. The towels are so cute too!!

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