Gimme a Giveaway: Bella Glow Winner

We asked you to tell us your favorite tree/type of wood.  My favorite type of tree is a weeping willow.  Such beautiful, relaxing trees.  Brazilian Cherry is my favorite for a home, simply because of the beautiful red tone and fine grain.  Ben is obsessed with Brazilian Walnut due to the durability, measuring 3,680 on the Janka scale.

Just as a reference, Red Oak, commonly used for flooring in 1960’s ranchers like ours, measures 1,290.  Which means Brazilian Walnut is over 2.5 times harder than Red Oak.  I mean really, a wood that has the same fire rating as steel, concrete and cement?

Our winner, number 27, Kelli, loves cherry.  Good choice, Kelli, good choice.

The Brazilian Cherry coasters might be perfect for you!

What are you up to this weekend?  Just relaxing?  Enjoying the last nice days of the year?  Working on a project?  Here’s to hoping we’ll get something done over the weekend.  After a week of relaxing with my family, doing nothing.

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