Sonoma Clay, Perfect?

After Thursday’s discussion about new paint samples, I talked myself into Benjamin Moore’s Sonoma Clay.  I couldn’t live with the bright pink walls any longer.  On Friday, the boys and I went back to Ace Hardware to get a 16 ounce Ben Moore sample can, hoping that pint would cover the entire bathroom.  When we returned home, I compared the test sample to the paint swatch.

Nice match, but will it look good on the walls?

Right away, I loved how much darker and muted the color was.  Not wanting to leave anything to chance, I painted small areas on each wall to test the color in different lighting.

Yep, this was the right pink.  I touched up the white paint, let it dry, then taped off the edges.  I had Everett’s nap time to get this done.  Vincent watched me paint.

In one way, the ugly, bright pink helped me.  It served as a great primer.  The Ben Moore paint covered well with one coat, which means I still have half of a pint of pink left.  Wahoo, my math was right!  That’s a first, just ask my ninth grade geometry teacher.  Ha.

Like most paints, the color varies based on the lighting, which I like.  Because the back wall gets less light, it reads as a more moody purple-gray-beige-pink.

Au revoir ballerina pink.  Helllloooo sophisticated mauve.  Eww, I hate describing the color as mauve.  It seems so old lady.

One gallon of Wal-Mart paint: $15.00.  One pint of Ben Moore paint: $7.00.  Finally choosing a color we like and don’t have to repaint: priceless.

Just to clarify, Ben has never said he hates this color.  Usually, he’s forthcoming about what he doesn’t like.  Not so much with what he does like.  I’ll take his silence as approval.

To summarize, if you’re looking for a very pale pink, check out Martha’s Pink Sea Salt.  Don’t try to make your own color.  If you want something more dramatic and moody, try Ben’s Sonoma Clay.

Did you tackle a painting project over the weekend?  Was it the first or fourth time you painted it?  Out of curiosity, what’s your favorite brand of paint to use?

Please note:  We were not compensated for this post, we simply love the Ben Moore paint we purchased and want to share with you.

14 thoughts on “Sonoma Clay, Perfect?

  1. What a great final color! Def worth all the hassle 🙂 The b/w painting goes really well with the new pink/mauve!

    1. Thanks, Kristen, Brandi, and Christina. I really like the new pink. So much better than the other two. Definitely worth the hassle of repainting. I only wish I could have gotten it right the first time.


  2. This color is infinitely better than all of the other pinks! I have to be honest, I was starting to think you had gone off the deep end when you starting talking about a pink master bath. But alas, my fears were unfounded because, as always, you turned an otherwise disastrous painting adventure into a WIN!
    Great job!

    1. Oh, thanks, Jenna. 🙂 Ben thought I was crazy, too. Heck, after the second failed pink, I started to doubt myself. In the end, I’m glad I went for it, because now I love it. 🙂 And, I love you, too!

  3. I’ve always wondered if those sample cans of paint are the same quality as the full gallons. Cause the price doesn’t seem to be “enough” for the samples. What do you think?

    1. Hi Fran,

      In my opinion, the sample paint seems to be just as nice as a normal paint. It went on nicely. I think the main difference with the sample vs. “real” paint is simply that you don’t have a sheen option. In this case, it worked well. I wanted a satin and the Ben Moore samples are eggshell. It was a win-win for us. If we have problems with the paint because it isn’t as good of a quality, we’ll definitely let you know. 🙂


  4. Looks awesome! We painted this weekend and the color came out a little lighter than we wanted. I was tempted to “add” a little darker blue to make our gray darker (glad I didn’t though!). The color actually cured a lot darker over Sunday into today and we’re just going to live with it.
    I really love this pink color; painting my “girl cave”/office is on our 1+ year to-do list and I’ll keep this pinned!

    1. Hi Nora,

      I’m glad to hear the color darkened up for you. Sometimes wet paint can cause a panic attack. It’s best to see how it dries and then make a decision. And see what it looks like in various lighting situations.

      As for the pink, I think it would be a great color in a girl cave! I can’t wait to see if you use it. 🙂


  5. I have to admit, I had doubts based on the paint chip, but the final images look fantastic on the walls. Thanks for sharing the journey to finished wall color…it’s helpful to see the before, in between, and after. Well done!

  6. Oh. . . I like this color the best. The green was okay; the baby pink didn’t seem right, but this is a very sophisticated look. Love it. I like the Benjamin Moore colors, but my favorite paint is Sherwin Williams.

  7. Hi looks nice ! Do you see any brown in it ? Tried it in my daughters room and wasn’t sure 🙂

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