Our Humble Sponsors: October

Today, we’re going to shower our two sponsors with some virtual love.  Big hugs and kisses to IHeart Organizing and Samantha Kay Jewelry for sponsoring this little web home of ours.

Jen, my best blog buddy, has been hard at work finishing her flooded basement.  I loved her house before, but I think this second chance is even better than the original.  She’s switching up the layout, finishes and adding more of her bubbly personality to the space.

I’m already head over heels for her studio, which was her boys’ play room.

She’s using the space more efficiently, too.  An old, seldom used sitting room will become the new play room.  And I think her kiddos are going to love it when Jen’s done working her magic.

As if that weren’t enough, I’m in love with Jen’s Etsy shop of organization  tools and goodies.

Samantha Kay Jewelry is a new Etsy shop, but chock full of beautiful accessories. The Mary Kay Cadillac Necklace is beautiful and simple.

The Lil Jon Necklace is interesting and unique.

How about this Cinderella Necklace? So pretty.

I really love Samantha’s interesting jewelry designs and creative names.

Two amazing sponsors, two great Etsy shops, and one blogger keep this humble blog running. Thank you so much for your support and sharing your creative gifts with the world.

P.S.  We’ve decided to double up posts on sponsor shout out days.  Check back in later this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Our Humble Sponsors: October

  1. I have loved reading IHeart Organizing! I’m going to use a lot of her suggestions for my laundry room, and I love her new basement! It’s beautiful. I also love the Mary Kay Necklace from Samantha Kay jewelry. I have a friend in DIQ right now; what a perfect gift!

  2. I was just reading I Heart Organizing just yesterday. I am taking this as a sign. I sent you a note and it came back?
    I need to get your address?

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